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Pleats, Sneaks & Floral Tees

Dear Readers,
I want to say Thank You for your abundantly sweet responses to my first
Blogaversary! I am truly grateful!  Your feedback put me in a happy mood, so I chose a colorful and free-spirited outfit for today’s outfit post, that features a pleated skirt.
I wore an outfit from Zara today that combines stripes, florals, and verdant green sneakers to celebrate the true arrival of spring.pleatszara
This pleated skirt has great movement and is fun to wear. The cropped floral tee was an easy pick, as it is fun to combine a stripe and floral, if not exactly groundbreaking. The green sneakers are new for me, and I must say I have been swayed by recent fashion trends, and comfort, too, of course.
Even in sepia tones, this pleated skirt and floral tee has liveliness!
I chose a black raffia hat to keep the sun off my face. I am pretty serious about my skin care!

This was taken mid-day when the sun is the strongest.

You probably recognize my clutch from Badgely Mischka, I have been wearing it a lot. It is so light, and carries just enough! I hope you recognize my smile, too, I do believe you will be seeing a lot of it.

Pleated skirts can be hard to wear, so the fit must be perfect. This one from Zara fits me well and has a metallic sheen to the stripes, that I hope comes though in these photos. It is fairly subtle.

Can you see the purple flowers starting to bloom? It is true: It is Spring!! Enjoy!
xx Elle signature

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My Daily Costume Is One! Thanks!!

Dear Readers,
One year ago I thought that Mac was a sandwich and that Apple was a fruit…
and with my utter ignorance of all things tech-no, I decided I wanted to start a style blog.
Thanks to some help from my friend Dea, and later some photo help from Erika, I slowly learned; and yet another blog was born, (to all already highly populated sphere?)     A flashback before appropriate “Thank-Yous”:


I still have so much to learn, but it is a labor of love. I hope I have been somewhat successful in encouraging women of all ages to find and embrace their own personal style, and to let it grow and flourish with each and every outfit. Style is a fluid thing, and a changeable thing, and that is good. It is what keeps the art form fresh. I do think of fashion as an art form because it is the ultimate mode of self-expression.

I have followers from all over the world now, and while I am not terribly well known, I like to think that I am making a bit of an impression in encouraging every woman to be her own best self.

Thank you to my followers, new and old, who have supported me with their kind words and loyalty. (  I noted almost 4000 comments in my comment Page!)
YOU know who you are, and I cherish each and every one of you.

I would also like to wish everyone a wonderful Easter, if you celebrate, and a wonderful weekend.

With the most sincere thanks and gratitude,
xx Elle signature

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Cool, Cool Culottes Shorts: Spring trend 2014

If you are like me, dear readers, you may be wondering if the culottes trend has legs.  Are they cool , or are you feeling lukewarm?  I recently found these shorts, which look like culottes shorts , with the wide legs and a longer length and thought why not. I brought them home and thought, why?

Then I wore them…Ah, comfort!culotteslead

These are comfortable, and I am not at all self-conscious being active outside. I like the tribal print, and they look nothing like my other denim…Maybe I am warming to this culotte shorts trend. culottes2

Or maybe it is just warm. I have these simply styled. I put my pattern mixing skills on the shelf and went with a solid ribbed sweater and  a cropped, vaguely nautical jacket. I added my black and white  clutch to keep some cash and lipstick, and to add a bit if visual interest. I am glad my jacket and these culottes have pockets.culottes,c-o

More close-ups. Yes, my legs are ghostly pale!!!culottes,c-o2

I like how my booties give this causal outfit some polish. Now, confession time. Soon. These look just like many of the culottes I am seeing in the stores, especially online. I am not, however, seeing any real consensus of what a culotte is… I can only infer that if it is not a skinny short or capri, and if the length falls to the knee ( junior stores have them mid- thigh, the designers are doing them mid calf- they are culottes. They seem to be called culottes shorts in the former, and culottes in the latter. To be called culotte anything, they have to be wide, and preferably tapered like a skirt. And that, dear readers, can get dowdy real fast. Therefore my confession is… that ….these are just shorts..made for boys.. by GUESS.

Outfit details:
`Jacket by Adam Lippes via STA, NY NY
`Tribal culottes shorts by Guess, via Century 21, NY NY
`Sweater by Miu Miu, via Encore, NY NY
`Booties, Christian  Louboutin, via Colette, Sag Harbor
`Clutch, by Badgley Mischka, via Century 21 NY NY
`Sunnies-  by Max Mara, via Southampton Optics

It was chillier today, and now..it is snowing!!! ERGGH

xx Elle signature

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Spring in the Abstract.

The weather and the calendar have been at odds in recent weeks, but today  it is unanimous, it is truly Spring!
I am celebrating by heading out to dinner, cocktails first, of course, to an East Side restaurant with a nice view of the outdoors. I am wearing an abstract floral, in black and white, and topped it with a tiny cropped jacket more for contrast than for warmth!

It is delightful outside and it seems everyone is out, and why not? I must say that many New Yorkers were patient while I was outside being photographed. I am wearing a simple A-Line dress with subtle ruching at the waist. The print is a black and white, abstract floral. It is simple and is so easy to wear. I found it at Nordstrom and was pleased when I saw its small size. I have been looking for an abstract floral in black and white, and most have been too large. So I am happy. SEE?

The cropped jacket is by Miss Selfridge and was thrifted. More reason to smile. The boots are Christian Louboutin, purchased at an upscale consignment store, and the bib necklace came from the jewelry district. I love the way the necklace, though tonal, gives some oomph to the abstract floral dress.
I didn’t need to use color, only contrast and texture. Here is a closer look:


An abstract floral feels a bit less dainty that one that is more realistic, and the black and white theme gives it a bit of an edge, especially when I added the pewter booties. You may remember ( and hate me for) my three dollar yard sale bag. It is perfect with this; its small , structured size lending nice balance to a sweet, girlish look. Two gold bracelets add some shine.nordleft

The fedora adds a very subtle touch of masculine gravitas. I do have a lot of elements at play with this dress. Buy hey, it is Spring, and it is time to play!  Happy Spring, Loves!

xx Elle signature

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Friday’s Style Inspiration: The Perfect Shoe by Boss

Happy Friday Loves! It is here, at last , a spring weekend! To celebrate, I am sharing an outfit that I covet, featuring the perfect shoe by Boss.  I love the heel, the mixed textures, that includes luxurious reptile, the black and white color scheme: all these combine to make it the perfect shoe.


Friday's Style Inspiration: The Perfect Shoe by Boss

Friday’s Style Inspiration: The Perfect Shoe by Boss by  Elle

The mix of the pale pink tulip skirt adds a feminine touch. The tuxedo jacket, By Alice + Olivia, mirrors the black and white theme and adds a nuanced masculine vibe for contrast. I added florals, how could one not, courtesy of Dolce and Gabbana’s inimitable style, and a lush gold tone necklace for yet more texture ,and a pop of sparkle.

The Boss shoe is pricey, but under $500 these days is actually considered reasonable for a luxury shoe!
The handbag is truly pricey and is terribly gorgeous, wonderful to visit; just don’t stay too long!
I added the red lip to complement this gorgeous outfit, and  do hope that this ensemble , featuring the perfect shoe,  serves as an inspiration, and puts a smile on your face ( where it belongs!)
What better way to start a weekend , than a dreamy, perfect shoe…?

the links;

Dolce Gabbana cotton shirt
$770 - thecorner.com

Alice Olivia olive blazer

Have a great weekend!
xx Elle signature

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Dots at the Gate

Hello Lovelies!
I am standing vigil at the gate, it appears. This breezy Wednesday found me in lightweight, neutral colors, with red flats for a splash of color. My polka dot trench gives me refuge from the wind.

Like you, I am waiting for Spring. ( Okay like many of you; I am worried about you in California where it is already almost 100 degrees). It is simply not yet here. We get a tease of sunshine and then a blast of wind. A fellow blogger phrased it aptly: bipolar weather.

I am wearing my customary layers, which is comfortable in this weather. I thrifted my paisley silk skirt, it is by Etro, one of my favorite designers, and one of whom I have actually paid full retail price for in the past. Considering my luck that day I donated  that day to various charities. I am pretty civic-minded, but when I bought that skirt I did feel compelled to pay it forward. (Especially, as there is a homeless person who resides on the corner of where I bought this.)
A good and necessary reminder of how fortunate we are, and to not take anything for granted.

Anyway the rest of the outfit details, in this context, seem trivial, but here are the rest of the photos, and I will provide them after.

I am not normally a polka dot person, but this polka dot trench got to me. The sumptuous silk twill enticed me, and it is odd, because I am not really sure how it would hold up to rain, but it is a perfect layer for this 55 degree day.


A close up of the polka dot trench and my Temple St. Clair necklace.

Outfit Details:
`Polka dot trench coat: Max Mara via Saks about five years ago.
`Paisely skirt: Etro, thrifted
`Red flats: Stuart Weitzman, thrifted
`Amulet necklace: Temple St. Clair ,via Off Saks
`Jeweled clutch by Oscar De La Renta, another good consignment store find
`Cropped stripe tee, Zara

I hope your spring weather is seasonally temperate, and that this week brings you all good things.
xx Elle signature

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Clutch Fever: Catch Yours

Happy Tuesday Loves!

One day the sun pokes out is shiny head, the next day  there is a frost warning! The Calendar says Spring: I command it!  And you know how that works out.  It is hot in our co-op and in many restaurants this week, so I went out wearing a sleeveless stripe dress, a black and white clutch, and seude booties.  Still the weather outside is only in the low fifties and it is windy, so I added a half sleeved fur and long aqua gloves. The combination is perfect, I am neither hot nor cold, and I can appreciate the  early spring evening.katespadegloves

Before we leave,  I languish in the doorway and feel the warm sun on my face. Decidedly warm inside, the lobby has a yellow cast by the door. Let me tell you, I am happy, ( simple pleasures).

After doing my “due diligence” for my recent clutch posts,  I did, ahem, buy a few ( but one is for my sister, OKAY?)  This little black and white clutch is by Badgley Mischka, and had a nice solid metal frame and patent leather, big enough to hold only my Visa, lipstick,and cellphone.  I love the strap, and usually won’t wear a clutch without one.

Here it is again, you may see it a bit better against the black.
Please forgive that I am cradling the clutch like a baby.  I was hoping not to obscure the photo, and it IS a cute little baby.  Not as cute as that Chanel baby, which it resembles it very vaguely, but oh well, off to dinner!

Clutch Fever: have you Caught Yours?

Outfit details:
`Fur and patent coat: custom
`Suede booties: Sam Edelman via 6PM.com
`Badgley Mischka Clutch, via Century 21- NY, NY
`dress-UK2LA, via Sag Harbor boutique ( now gone)
`Sunnies: Max Mara

Have a great week!
xx Elle signature

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The Statement Clutch: Part Two

True to my word is Part two , offering the statement clutch at better prices.

These clutches are from varied sources and will have links to each at the end of the post. You will notice that the prices are much less on this post, honoring your wallet, and leaving you some cash to keep in your statement clutch.

The Statement Clutch: Part Two     mydailycostume.com

There are some sweet clutches above, and rest assured you can add these to your wardrobe. Here are more options all from BCBG. You can see them on their website, but can also shop them around for price. I noticed some of these, and a great selection of others nicely discounted at 6PM.com.:


I also love these choices from Bottica.com. These are handmade bags from artisans all over the world, please check them often as their selection changes everyday. These are well made and either one of a kind or limited editions bags. Here is a sampling of my favorites:

I think there are so  many good choices here. Tell me what your favorites one are in the comments section.
Now, I also promised to let you know what my favorite statement clutch is, ( not considering price) and that goes to Chanel’s Lego bag, done either in tweed or pearls. The main choice is acrylic in clear and colors.  From Pinterest, here is the one with pearls. Warning: prepare to swoon: (It is over $10.000)..
lego pearl bag

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happy Weekend! XX, Elle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The Statement Clutch: Part Two by Elle
Kate Spade clutch

Clear handbag


Peach Acrylic

Mud Pie
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The Statement Clutch: The Good, the Bad and the Infantile

Happy Spring Week!  Today I would like to address a new take on an old trend,
the clutch. Let’s discuss, shall we?
The Statement Clutch: The Good, the Bad and the Infantile


This season we see celebs, fashionistas, and retail outlets  carrying  the  wittiest, most peculiar, luxurious, and magnificent clutches ever created. This season we also bear witness to price points that are nonsensical, and some designs that are simply weird.  Most curious  are those that are just juvenile.  All across the world I see well groomed eye brows shooting up in wonder.  Pricey bags  are being offered in  plain old acrylic and plexiglass;  in shapes of cameras, gummi bears, valentines, and story books.  I love novelty as much as the next gal,  but what is up with  the infantilization of the statement clutch?  Are stylish adults  really meant to be toting their wallets in  clutches shaped like a gummi bear?  Who here, thinks this is a good idea?

I do not want to paint this wide canvas with the same brush, because it is  magnificent  as a whole,  even if the prices are in the netherworld.  Here is a sampling of some good and gorgeous bags, via Net-a-Porter.com:


When I say good and gorgeous, I realize there are also many other suitable
adjectives that perhaps would be more descriptive, but lets take our cue from the
photos. Top right of above collage, features a nicely dressed woman
carrying Jimmy Choo’s Holographic patent leather clutch. The whole effect from the
hardware, to the rainbow iridescence, is pleasing, but perhaps not  for everybody,
especially at $995. To the right is a black and white mirrored clutch that
hints at art deco glamour. Crafted by Kotur, it is the Rockefeller Mirrored shell clutch

priced at $1,200 and is currently sold out.

The third is an acrylic and modern confection by Edie Parker,
called the Jean glittered acrylic box clutch. You can call it  Jean for $1,295.
Scratch that, you can not call Jean at all , she is sold out.
Maybe you can call her at Bergdorf’s.

The gold and crystal creation, middle right, is pure luxury by Dolce & Gabbana, and is called Ana. She is embellished in lace and satin and will  set you back $3800. Lovely, but the bag may be empty unless there is an Am Ex Black card tucked inside.

The acrylic box bag, bottom left,  is also Edie Parker,
the Lara neon is glittery and costs $995.00 and has a-lot of interesting effects,
appearing backlit and sculptural. This is a good sampling,  I think , of the novelty of
the new statement clutch, and examples where novelty and good taste can happily

The next collage features some of these statement clutches that have gone to the
wild side. From Net-a-Porter.com as well:


The First clutch is called the happy clutch made of acrylic and embossed with the word happy, it is by Edie Parker, and ‘Happy” will cost you $1485. See money can buy you “happy”, if not happiness itself.  The “Be MIne” bag to its right, is by Charlotte Olympia, and takes the form of a sugary valentine’s candy.

This costs $1295, a hefty sum for something that looks so sweet and airy, and, um, young? I wonder who the target audience is for this one? Romantics of all ages, I suppose, with money to burn? Next up, is a clutch crafted by a favorite designer, Anya Hindmarch, and this sculptural pieces is interesting, even given that is resembles a toddler’s half consumed juice box, that is squished in. It still has a great look though, as the gold tone and design does something nice with the light. This whimsical piece is called Crisp Packet, and it will cost you a crisp $1595.

The bag in the middle center is Olympia Le-Tan’s “Happy Bunnies” book. This little clutch is handcrafted in France and is a limited edition collection. One of my favs from this series is titled Manners for Mens, as if!  This will set you back $1,880. but it doesn’t require a pesky library card, and it can hold your stash and MAC lipstick! The next photo in the collage is the most absurd..it is a gold tone Gummi bear clutch costing $1,648! It also comes in colors for those interested in the Crayola versions.

Featured next is an Archie comic book clutch that costs $1595 and can provide reading material while one is waiting for one’s mani to dry. To its right is a color-blocked furry oddity that is by Shrimps; it serves to provides furry texture, but succeeds best at looking hideous, in an oh-so-faux sort of way. It is relatively easy on the wallet though, at $310. We end this collage, gratefully, with a Charlotte Olympia Camera clutch called Flashback that is made of textured leather and brass, in Italy, and has a cute little heart where one would peer into the camera, if it were a camera, and not a clutch, posing as a camera… It is embedded with crystals and has the word “Smile” inscribed over the mirrored camera lens. It is a clever concept I will grant you, but at $2,595, it shiny patina starts to dull.

Next, is the Queen, The mother of all silly clutches and it is plexiglass in the shape of a Chanel No.5 bottle.  It has its signature Chanel chain so it can double as a shoulder bag. The cost of this bag is $9,500. Image courtesy of HarpersBazaar.com.

Or you can choose to wear two, like Rihanna pictured below, courtesy of HollywoodLife.com.

chanel clutch

Rihann chanel

My  favorites of this trend, along with some affordable options will be posted
soon, in Part 2!
In the meantime I am hoping you will weigh in on this trend,
I know you will have alot to say!
Have a great Monday!
 ~~~~~~~~~~~ XX, Elle ~~~~~~~~~~~

Alexander McQueen skull box clutch
$2,155 - brownsfashion.com

Artificial rose bouquet
$17 - habitat.co.uk
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Tiny Pleats in the Wind: What to (NOT) Wear for a Nor’easter Bomb

Six days into spring we were instructed to expect a “Nor’easter Bomb.”  I have found that the verbiage used to describe weather events  has become increasingly theatrical , and borders on the absurd.  SOoo  I dressed as though it were spring,  because it was spring,  in a pleated skirt and striped cropped blouse , and added a top coat,  just in case.  A glance out the window confirmed it was, once again, much ado about little. Out I went:  my stillettos going click, click walking out through  marble lobby, and my pleated skirt swishing musically around me. So far so good; outside it is breezy.pleatsandwind1
Really breezy. Whoa, what the Oh-my-gosh- can we get a measurement on the wind speed over here, right about now???pleastsandwindy Right about now I am appreciating three things. One- This is not a great day for Stilleto heels. Two- Any skirt with volume is not a good choice for a windy day, ( note to self; wear pencil skirts with kitten heels next time. ) Three- the weather forecasters may be on to something.

Call it what you will, it was quite windy, and I heard later that the winds were gusting  AT OVER 35 M.P.H.  Therefore many of these photos did not come out too well.  My hair was  misbehaving , and my pleated skirt , which  normally sits  obediently  at my waist, and forms perfect little pleats- that end gently in a  A-line, was blowing in every which way and showed my form a bit too closely.  So sorry, I only have a couple of shots that were decent enough to post.


I really thought I would post this outfit sans overcoat. Mother nature had a different opinion,  and  the overcoat is Chanel, so- one can deny neither the weather nor Chanel.. Am I right?!  Later that evening it got worse, so I changed into my gap skinnies, a cabled fisherman sweater, and donned my winter parka. Out we went, my husband and daughter, properly attired and grateful that we missed the brunt of it. We walked three blocks to our favorite shushi restaurant, with the winds at our backs….and we almost flew!

Outfit details:
~ Pleated shimmery skirt- Zara- last year
~ Cropped striped blouse – Zara
~ Heels, David by David Charles, Via STA Broadway, NYC
~ box bag, yard sale treasure , purchased for thee tiny dollars
~ Olive overcoat, Chanel, now vintage, purchased while expecting my firstborn – who is now 26!
~ Lipstick- really, do you care???

Happy Spring. May it be warm and calm.xx Elle signature

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The Zig and Zag towards Spring

Happy Thursday! Zig Zag: definition- A line or course that proceeds by sharp turns in alternating directions. Zig zag is both the pattern I am wearing, and the course of weather that has been careening violently towards the smoother path of warm spring days.  Will they ever arrive?zig1

These were taken last week when we had a snippet of mild weather;  it was windy but warmish. I could really feel a new season on the horizon..zig2

I bought this dress on one of these warm days at Nordstrom. Fortunately for me, I had my photo taken the next day while we still enjoyed the mild days. I loved the pattern, the zig zag dress is timeless and the simple knit column is easy to wear. The colors are bright and season spanning. All I had to add was a black jacket and my “Rockstud” (like) pumps from last year. A simple diamond wedding band and amulet pendant was all I needed for accessories, with this colorful zig zag pattern.zigclose

I can wear this sleeveless zig zag dress for summer with any simple sandal. I can dress it up with an edgier sandal too. Valentino has a single wrap “rockstud”  sandal that looks comfortable, and is far less expensive than the pump, though still pricey at $745.00. I can wear this into fall with a cardi and boots, so I am pleased with this little zig zag dress, it is so versatile and would be perfect for travel. Would I ever like to get on a plane to the tropics!  It was so windy and cold today.

While this may not be my favorite of all dresses, ( Okay, it is not)  it is one I will wear often, because it is so comfortable . It would look well at a beach, at a more formal dinner, or in an office, so I consider that a good buy. This zig zag print is  not uber trendy, and not time stamped for this season , or year even,  so I can wear it for years.  Do you have a favorite “wear anywhere” dress?

Outfit details:
~ zig zag dress from Nordstom
~ Leuven Alexander “rockstud” pumps via Zulily.com
~ quilted flap bag by Jay Herbert, thrifted
~ White gold amulet necklace by Temple St. Clair, via Off Saks
~ Jacket by Tribeca, via Ebay ( tiny and $10.00!)

Happy Thursday Friends! We are almost at the weekend, and the forecast is supposed to be fair and warm. This is the perfect dress for a happy dance !

xx Elle signature

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Shop the Trend: Painterly Prints for Spring 2014

 My fellow sufferers of Monday Madness!  I am here to take the edge off , with
some serious shopping therapy!  As promised,  I am giving you some style ideas
and shopping links for the painterly prints, a lively trend for Spring 2014:
painterly prints for spring 2014


There are so many great options to immerse ourselves in the art- influenced prints that are making waves, and being worn, quite literally by fashionistas across the globe.


Photo source of above: FineArtsAmerica.com
I love this lace trimmed brushstroke romper from Go Jane, featured with
collaged bits
of the above print, and a painting from my home:
There is something whimsical and uplifting when one adds this plethora of painterly
prints into one’s wardobe.  Your closet takes on a new life!
They can be combined with other painterly prints, in a different scale perhaps, or
grounded with white, or black or a bold leather piece. Add lace, denim, plaid and the
every ready solid. This trend happily complies
with all styles ,tastes and budgets, from Grunge to Park Avenue Ball-gown! Feel free
to mix it up a bit, that is the fun with all trends!
The painterly sky is your limit. Enjoy!
The links for the first collage for painterly prints:
Shop the Trend: Painterly Prints for Spring 2014  by Elle at MDC featuring :

Laurèl pattern dress
$640 - harveynichols.com

Low cut dress

IRO short sleeve tee

Rebecca Taylor color block t shirt
$155 - oxygenboutique.com


Ted Baker short jacket
$205 - johnlewis.com

SELECTED black short jumpsuit
$96 - selected.com

Glint print handbag

Zara scarve

Pastel painting
Happy Monday, make your week be full of color!xx Elle signature
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The Painterly Print for Spring 2014: Not yet feeling Floral?

Happy weekend my lovely friends! It is officially Spring and I hope your mood and the forecast is in line for this green, exuberant, and floral loving season.  NO? Hmm… me either. The weather has been too blustery, too mercurial for me to settle into spring bliss. My solution:  the painterly print for spring, instead of the more typical, happy- to-be- alive, floral. brushstrokr print for spring 2014 mydailycostume.com worn by Elle

The forecast has us expecting a “Nor’easter Bomb” this Tuesday, just as by daughter flies back from Colorado on business. Now I am not a grumpess, I swear, and I love and appreciate each sign of spring that I have witnessed to date. ( Have there been any, I wonder?)  A Nor’easter Bomb, though, is just not what I had planned for as I am finally transitioning my closet to spring corals and blues.

Therefore, I am settling on neutrals today, putting my spring-fling mood on the fence.  I am wearing an interesting print to take its place, and I am pictured coincidentally (?) on a fence… This brustroke, painterly print,  worn as a lively accent over my skinnies, is my choice du jour, and it works well with the cocoon shaped duster in fine cotton sateen by Bamford, England. You can see that it is a blustery day.brushsroke1

A close up of this outfit reveals a bit of color and hope for spring. My vintage bracelet is full of enameled flowers and my gloves are from my mom, who had a keener sense of otptimisim than anyone I ever knew.brushgloves I am also wearing on of my favorite bags, and one my most impressive finds as well, my three dollar box bag! This, in addition to my painterly print, should lighten my mood!

Here is a better look at the painterly print in a woven tee design by Marni:brushstrokeco
the other outfit details are:
~ Gap 1968, always skinny jean
~ Sateen duster, Bamford, England
~ Necklace, Temple St. Clair
~ signed, costume bracelet, STA on the UWS in manhattan , on Broadway
~ bi-color brogues, two years old, Robert Clergerie
~ Sapphire and diamond bangle, an older gift
~ painterly print tee , MARNI

You will see me in many vibrant florals soon. You have seen me in one already! But today I am feeling skeptical and winter-exhasuted, more like the fictional Miranda, here commenting on the floral trend for spring:


source: Glamour.com

Like this this painterly print trend for 2014? I will post a Shop-It feature tomorrow! I hope you are finishing your weekend on a happy note!

~~~~~~~~XX, Elle~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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Barrowed from the Boys : Spring 2014

  • Hello fashion savvy friends!  How is your Wednesday treating you? My last post featured an outfit that was inspired by the athletic trend for spring and got me to think about the wider trend of “Barrowed from the Boys”
  • This is not  a new trend but I see it being applied more playfully this spring, than in seasons past, where much of the influence was taken from men’s tailoring and fabrications for a serious work-day world. Barrowed from the boys is the theme of this collage.
Barrowed from the boys


  • This season is more playful, in the truest sense, with boy’s jerseys, varsity jackets and athletic influences being adapted to gender- bending fashion for the girls. I decided to shop my look for you, and here is what I came up with:

Barrowed from the Boys by Elle featuring :

Weekend Max Mara v neck top
$390 - harrods.com

Topshop sweatshirt

J Crew white top

River Island red cardigan
$33 - riverisland.com

Dressy top

Valentino slingback pumps
$2,845 - harrods.com

Christian Louboutin white flat

Converse flat shoes
$83 - johnlewis.com

Wedge sandals
$33 - danielfootwear.com

Titanium necklace

Kenzo baseball cap
  • I am not sure why the link did not come up for the inexpensive “rockstud’ pump featured on the lower left corner of my collage, but they are from Lovelywholesale.come and retail for 28.99 USD. There are also many versions on ebay and Amazon.
  •  Do not forget to mix this trend with your best loved ”girl” clothes. A tulle skirt is fabulous with a plaid blazer, or oversized jersey .It is fun to wear heels with these athletic pieces, too!  Conversely, (pun intended) you can wear sneakers with a  flirty, floral dress . Find your inner tomboy,  and enjoy this trend!  Girls: Game On- Shop It!xx Elle signature
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Boy Meets Girl.

Happy Tuesday!

I hope your week has started out well. We had a few days of spring weather last week, a bit of a tease really, but I so enjoyed the preview! It was great to wear pumps instead of boots and being able to forgo a coat. I indulged in an outfit that stems from being pent-up,  and is consistent with the athletic trend for  2014.

it is energizing to update your look . I like to add a twist to any trend to make it my own. I adapted the athletic trend to suit me better by adding heels, since at heart I am a girly girl. While my sisters and friends were always in scrapes, literally, my only child hood injury was a pretty deep cut from forcing a nail polish bottle open. I pushed so hard it cracked, and cut my palm and I should have gotten stitches. I did worry that the blood was going to stain my new pink bedspread though!

My childhood friends were pretty athletic, while I was bookish and one to daydream. When this trend unfolded, I did not feel compelled to run out and buy anything new. I simply bought a new striped tee and added a stripe cardi that was left in my daughter’s closet when she went moved out after college graduation. I did not do this deliberately to follow this trend. Yet, when I combined this simple stripes with my ripped capri jeans I was pleased with the novelty of this kind of outfit for myself.stripesair

I was happy to wear my studded ankle strap pumps that look like Valentino “rockstud” pumps. I bought them last year, not even knowing that Valentino had designed this almost legendary shoe. I just happened upon them on Zulily.com, a favorite flash sale sight. I added an Oscar De La Renta box bag that I found on Madison Avenue. I love structured bags, and thought this one added a nice twist to the ” casual” outfit.  I guess I just don’t “do” casual, and I certainly do not do “tomboy”, but admire those who do. I admire the stamina, grace and energy of a true athlete. stripecapri

I added a fedora to keep the sun off my face and two leather bracelets. A healthy slathering of sunscreen and I was ready for the almost 60 degree day! I enjoyed it while it lasted as now it has been in the teens at night, again. I can feel that spring is in the air, and am looking forward to a my favorite season. It will be here any minute. Right?stripesone

I am giving winter its marching orders!stripewalk

I realize that this would have looked great with sneakers too, and am pleased that they are so trendy. The stores will have a good selection in my small size because of this trend. I did enjoy seeing the Chanel preview of their iconic tweedy looks paired with sneakers, as quirky as this paring seems to be, I am a fan. I know my feet will be too!

Outfit details:
-pumps: LEUVEN Alexander via Zulily.com
-stripe tee: Waves, Southampton NY
-Leather bracelets: direct from the jewelry district
-stripe cardi – F21

What do you think of the athletic trend?  Are you game?xx Elle signature

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The Radiant Orchard Trend : Just Say NO

Happy Friday Friends!!
Today I am following up a bit on a recent post about the radiant orchid trend, color of the year. Pantone forecasts and influences decor and fashion, and this year’s  pick  of radiant orchid is tricky to wear, at best.  Chosen for its “magical warmth” , it is touted as an “expressive, creative and embracing purple”.  If only.

The Radiant Orchard Trend : Just Say NO


This color feels like a lukewarm dusty mauve. I am a fan of color and heretofore have liked their recent picks; last year was emerald-green, and who could argue with the brightest of precious gems!

This year’s radiant orchid is anything but radiant. While it is an interesting and complex color , it is not one to complement one’s skin tone. It is  as though a lovely plum had been bioengineered with a brooding, dusty waft of charcoal. Splat! Result: a lively plum color goes flat and ghoulish.

There is some potential here though.  One could wear radiant orchid  in a skinny jean and top it off with a mint and white gingham check.  This shade can be lovely  as a color in a more vivid print. I love the orchid print dress in the collage, and that is a good example. This color would be good  in a stripe, too if it had equal amounts of white.  The etsy print featured in the collage works because white is added to the radiant orchid. You have to work with this color to make it wearable and flattering, and an extra task is something we do not need.

So my advice is to add some color to this and not wear radiant orchid head to toe. I would say it might be a fun nail color, too, but do not wear it on your face! I would opt for pink tones instead, choosing a plum with less gray, more white and red, and a lot more vibrance. That is how to be radiant in orchid! Check out the real flower if you don’t believe me!

Here are some picks , with the links, in both pinkish orchid, and radiant orchid:

Mason s silk dress

Ted Baker pink pleated dress
$250 - johnlewis.com

Greylin dress

Vintage dress
$50 - lindybop.co.uk

SELECTED genuine leather jacket
$335 - selected.com

Hunter boots
$140 - johnlewis.com

Sperry Top-Sider shoes

Nail polish

Drum shade

Have a wonderful weekend. Be radiant!xx Elle signature
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Mid week greetings to my stylishly inclined readers! I hope this lovely week finds you well!  As promised, I am wearing something pastel.  Okay, pastel-ish. I  took a bit of artistic license and went with Radiant Orchid, Pantone’s color of the year. Actually I took a bit more license and went with a  shade with a bit more pink. Warning: Radiant Orchid is not a great color for fair-skinned blondes. So if you are searching for the perfect dress in Radiant Orchid, this post may steer you well. In radiant orchid, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, I am standing in front of a window that shows that snow is still keeping its stubborn toehold in the greater New York area.radiantlead


Despite the snow , it was warm the day these photos were taken. I wore this out for an early dinner. But all of the photos are inside. Here is a close-up:

radleadclose I paired the floral dress with a stripe: the soft floral notes needed a graphic twist, so I served up an Ebay win from last year,  a stripe coat in black and white. I also added a black bag with a strong gold handle to add some structure to the flowing lines of the dress. The bag is by Jane Shilton, a British designer.radiant3

I am so happy to see sunshine, the yellow cast of light on the snow is pure radiance. My pink /orchid dress pales in comparison, but it is still a happy choice. I am wearing pointy toe flats because they are comfy and on trend. ( joyful feet!)radiantleft
While waiting to be picked up by friends, I listened to the news. My mood changed. Radiant orchid? Not right now. Contemplative suits better, as does rueful and ruminative:radiantmoody

You see, radiance is more of a state of mind; an affect sometimes too. It is mercurial.
No worries though, a sideways glance into the sunshine, and a gathering of happy thoughts, will turn me back to… radiant.

Orchid?  Perhaps, not. I think I am a pink girl, leaning more towards hibiscus; don’t tell Pantone, who has declared radiant orchid to be the color of the year.  My floral dress was thrifted, too, for eight dollars. That should make my sun shine! Happy week!xx Elle signature

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The Winter Nautical Blues

Happy March Monday!  Just before this weekend, we had a very un-March like March. Generally there is a hint of spring, but not last week, so I dressed in a nautical style to usher in a spring- like mind set.  I was wearing my nautical blues.nauticalstnads

It has been a long winter. While we had some lovely days this weekend, more snow is expected tonight.I did enjoy this weekends glimpse of spring. Hopefully my next post will find me in something pastel! More photos of my nautical blues:
nauticalhalf:jpgYou might recognize my skirt from my last post, if not it is Theory, purchased as STA in Manhattan. My striped sweater is Zara, and my coat is a treasured ebay win. My bracelets add a touch of gold to the nautical blues. My gray enamel bangled was thirfted recently. I was happy to be wearing my ankle strap pumps and not my fleece lined boots.
It has been a rocky week in our political world, so I am hoping for warmer, smoother weather to help put things in a better light. If you want to shop for your own nautical blues, I have done a shopping collage with links to follow. Enjoy this week, I hope you find warmth and harmony.
                                                        XX, Elle
The Winter Nautical Blues:

Blue dress

Dash striped sweater
$82 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Converse shoes

HomArt home decor

Wooden jewelry box
$40 - oliverbonas.com
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The Aqua Coat: Wearing Winter, Channeling Spring

Hello shivering friends!  Perhaps I should speak for myself, but it was COLD
outside today. Nonetheless, I tried to channel spring with an aqua coat in the prettiest of ocean shades. 


My  aqua coat is older and was purchased years ago from Saks Fifth Avenue, on sale!  I have kept it all of these years because I love its fitted, almost princess cut, and its lively, happy  color.  It is so well made that there isn’t a hint of wear or piling; a true testament to the notion of investment buying. Teamed with a silk shawl in a stronger shade of aqua, blended with a bit more green, I was ready to take on the cold March day.

I am wearing my ankle strap pumps from Nordstrom and my legs are a bit cold, but I am thinking of oceans and seashells. I can almost smell the salt in the air. Still…Brrr. I am glad my aqua coat is pure wool!aquacoatfaraway
My theory knit skirt is soft and warm, and I like the combo of marled navy with aqua. I got this skirt at STA recently in the Upper West Side store, on Broadway.aquaplanter

I am also wearing a bracelet from that store as well. This signed costume bracelet boasts two jewel encrusted birds: what better symbol for Spring? It is lively in the gold metal and twinkling greens and blues.. yes, again…ocean colors!aqua birdbracelet

In the event that you find yourself with a yen for a coat in this gorgeous, aquatic shade, I have put together a shopping collage:

The Aqua Coat: Wearing Winter, Channeling Sprimg


The Aqua Coat: Wearing Winter, Channeling Spring by Elle Featuring The Aqua Coat.

I hope that this March finds you warm and happy. Let me know how you are coping. You may have snow, drought, or perfect weather. I am hoping for the latter! Following are the links, enjoy!xx Elle signature

Burberry coat

Armani Collezioni blue coat

Damsel in a Dress blue coat
$335 - johnlewis.com

Precis Petite cropped jacket
$265 - johnlewis.com

White fox coat

Blue jewelry

Orly nail polish
$17 - thehut.com

Sea home decor
$45 - hardtofind.com.au
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Shopping the Geometric Print Dress for S/F 2014

Hello my fashionable friends! I hope this first week of March is finding you   happy! My last post promised a shopping guide for the perfect geometric print dress, or romper, or blouse, and I am here to deliver.

First a quick update of this geometric print dress and sportswear for A/W 2014-2015, so you can get a heads up of what to expect of this trend going a bit forward. ( and maybe snag some bargains now, for a trend that will carry on perfectly for the next season and beyond. ) The first photo is of Talbot Runhoff, and the second- Prada- both courtesy of Patternbank.com.02-Talbot-Runhof-Pre-AW-14-15

Here is a sampling of  what is currently available for the geometric  dress print trend for THIS season, with the shopping links that follow.  It includes some of my favorite geometric print dresses and attire, and I hope you will find something you love!

Shopping the Geometric print for spring/fall 2014-2105


Issa boho chic dress
$600 - profilefashion.com

Calla pattern dress

Long shirt dress
$5.85 - marksandspencer.com

Paul Smith Black Label geometric top
$160 - harveynichols.com

Alice Olivia draped blazer

River Island clothing
$28 - riverisland.com

Nicholas Kirkwood pointy toe shoes
$995 - brownsfashion.com

Black vintage shoes
$59 - desireclothing.co.uk

Calvin Klein zip bag

Halcyon Days enamel bracelet


Remember, the geometric print is the perfect foundation for a pattern mixed ensemble, and it  is especially good at grounding an outfit that is topped with a tribal print. Since geometric prints include checks, windowpanes, and houndstooth, you can also mix one color with another, as we have seen with all of the best designers.  Finally, the subtle  ( or sometimes not so subtle!)  glamour of the geometric print holds its own as an outfit feature. I hope this first week of March delivers some sunny and happy moments. Step out for spring in a geometric print and add some  geo sizzle to the sidewalk!xx Elle signature

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The Geometric Print Dress: featuring Bimba & Lola

Happy Weekend! So glad it is here!   Today, I am featuring  the geometric print dress and a talented fashion label from Spain called Bimba & Lola. This is an urban,  ready to wear company with strong roots in textiles,  and  they create apparel and accessories that are distinctive in pattern and quality.  Here I am wearing one of their designs.geolead

You can see the geometric print better here. But what you can’t see is how lovely the fabric feels on and how well it drapes.geodresscloseup

A geometric print dress is a fabulous backdrop for pattern mixing, and depending on its scale, can be subtle, as mine is, or quite eye-catching and bold. This spring season has graphic prints trending, so lets not forget its  classic sister: the geometric print dress. Another close up of the dress and accessories.geobag

Now are you ready for some good news? My  geometric print dress, which retails for about 300USD , was purchased at STA on Broadway for twenty dollars and change. My Jil Sander coat was also purchased second-hand, saving me thousands, literally. My intent is to encourage you to shop in all kinds of places, on-line, and in all kinds of retails stores. Second hand shopping is something I do often, and I love the selection of things available, and the prices.

Now back to this lovely brand. Owned by two sisters, they  have created a feminine brand with some punch. Their boutiques are “places to indulge”:bimbaboutigue

They also design jewelry and asseccories:bimbalola
Their website is www.bimbaylola.es . You should visit it and be inspired! Please note that I am not affiliated in any way with this brand, I just like to research the brands of the clothes I buy, and thought I would share this with you.

I also want to mention that my bag came from midtown New york, and is made of studded velvet, and trimmed in finely pleated metallic organza. It is made by Sara Design,  known for their elegantly beaded silk gowns,and their site is www.hautecouturebylara.com. I paid five humble dollars for this beauty. Lucky me! They have the most gorgeous embroidered shells that are heavily beaded and some of them are pearl encrusted! Did I mention they are on sale now for ten dollars? They could be virtually any price… If you are in NYC, please go! They are at 49 west 37th street, and I found them on my walk to Lord and Taylor! My sunnies are older Dolce and Gabbana, and my necklace was purchased in the wholesale jewelry district, and resembles something Marni did last spring.

I will publish my next post of where to shop for the geometric print dress, and romper, and blouse… It will be up quickly, in about as long as it takes to say “where can I buy the geometric print dress?” !!!

Have a wonderful weekend!xx Elle signature

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Hello, Goodbye; Today’s Good Buys!!

Today’s ” good buy”:  features a  geometric  print dress from MyHabit.com that can be had  for only $44.00 !  I have styled  it with some chic pieces that will not pinch your wallet.   Promise!
If you like this geometric print dress, act fast, as MyHabit.com is a flash sale site and time is of the essence!
Hello, Goodbye; Today's good buys


The dress is from Myhabit.com , and the rest of the links for the geometric  print dress are  here:

Oasis tailored jacket
$115 - oasis-stores.com

Bracelet bangle
$8.33 - newlook.com

Forever 21 sunglasses


I hope you love this geometric  print dress . It is season spanning AND  on trend.
This outfit can take you from day to night, and spring to fall.
Have a great Thursday, and happy almost weekend!

This geometric print dress will always be chic, and the savings will go a long way!

xx Elle signature

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The Peter Pan Collared Dress Won’t Grow Up!

The Peter Pan collared dress has been around for so many cycles, it is impossible to count, but one thing is clear: its  feminine, face framing appeal is time-honored:pplead
I was so happy to wear a dress without a coat a few days back! I chose this color blocked dress from Paul and Joe Sister for its easy, casual look.
I paired it with gold capped flats to make it truly an outfit to wear about town.ppcarminehair
Since this dress is fairly simple both in line and detail,   I added an intricate beaded bag; just enough detail to give this outfit enough visual appeal without making it dressy.
 I was so pleased to have purchased this bag from a wholesale-retail house in the mid thirties! I stumbled upon it walking to Lord and Taylor! It was only five dollars, and my dress was purchased at STA. This ensemble is inexpensive, which combined with this glorious day, made me happy indeed. Here is closeup of the bag.pppaintedbagDo you also like a peter pan collared dress? If so you can shop it from my collage,
the links will follow:

The Peter Pan Collared Dress Won't Grow Up!


Blue dress
$235 - 20thcenturyfoxy.com

Almari wedding dress
$110 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Lavish Alice skater dress

Glamorous peter pan top
$33 - bankfashion.co.uk

Gianvito Rossi black suede pumps
$690 - brownsfashion.com


Which is your favorite peter pan collared dress? Let me know in the comment box!
Have a great day!!
xx Elle signature

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See it Through : On Trend with Transparency

One of the most interesting trends for Spring / 2014, and dare I say- daring, is the see though look, where designers add panels of  mesh, filmy organza, or nothing at all, to create visual interest to an ensemble. The transparency trend; feast your eyes! ( or cover them)
 See it Through by MyDailyCostume.com

There are many trends to cover for this exciting season, but the transparency trend is one I wanted to tackle, as it gets lets press than tribal prints and falling hemlines. The trend takes its cue from lingerie, and the current  schism of wanting to bare it all, and yet be subtle and private. Indeed this trend is a global one, affecting our notions of privacy in politics, and human relationships of all kinds. It sure has an impact on fashion!

My favorite piece is this transparency trend is the above culotte, via Farfetch.com.  It is expensive but would add that wow factor to any outfit.  As well, it is such a unique piece, you will not see it on everyone. I have styled it above, with flat sandals, a denim jacket, and a distinctely boho vibe.

Tell, What are your thought on this trend? I would love to know!!!

Here are the links for the items in my collage covering the transparency trend of 2014:

Monki cropped denim jacket
$75 - monki.com

Delpozo see through pants

Enamel jewelry

Follow Your Heart Pillow
Have a great week!xx Elle signature
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Cocoon meets Leopard & Falls in Love: {Pink Cocoon Coat}

Just as New Yorkers are leaving their cocoons for the barest hints of spring- out come the pink cocoon coats. This seemingly unique item appears ubiquitous in the press: from catwalk to street style, it is everywhere. And yes, I am wearing one.pinkcocoonlead

But friends, I beg you, do not call me a sheeple; I bought this last year, on sale from a luxury children’s store, and I fell in love. The nubbly boucle luxurious wool, and roomy cocoon shape,  had me well before I fell for its bewitching  shade of hibiscus pink . Rachel Riley of London crafts exquisite clothing for girls, and at 5 foot, 2 inches, I am eternally grateful. No tailor needed here!  A Pink Cocoon Coat that fits!

I wore this with a leopard skirt by Elie Tahari. My black mini bag also hails from England by designer Jane Shilton.pcsaure1

My mink headband keeps me warm, without added bulk, and the fringey necklace was purchased directly from the wholesale costume jewelry district. ( Any New Yorker reading this who have not been, please go, such fun: they give you a metal basket to fill up, although not all will see to individuals). Here is a photo,  furry head to leo skirt.pcelle

 There is snow on the ground but the temperatures are very gradually rising. The uplift in mood in palpable. We have got our pink on!


A few blocks later, I arrive to meet a friend. I am warm in my pink cocoon coat, and looking forward to a delicious, home cooked meal.pcdoorstep1.jjpg

Wearing this bright color, which is not something I do often, except in small bits, did cheer me a bit. I was happy to see other women ,and many children dressed in bright colors. It has been a long, cold winter!

The Outfit:
// Pink cocoon coat. Rachel Riley, Madison Avenue, similar: Dina coat @ whistle.co.uk
// Elie Tahari leo skirt, STA, Lexington Avenue
// Boots, Coclico from Second Time Around, Sag Harbor
// Bracelets, STA , Broadway and Lexington stores, NY NY
// Sweater, Chanel via STA -Lexington Ave
// Bag, Jane Shilton via Ebay London

My friend greeted me with a glass of Rose (Sattui Gamay Rouge, an excellent choice) and then laughed as she saw me sip it, as I was peeling off my matching pink cocoon coat! I wonder, if I show up next time in my classic camel coat,  will  she greet me with cognac? She is a fabulous friend!

                                              ***STAY WARM AND BRIGHT!!! ***xx Elle signature

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The Boxy Coat: Cocoon in Style

Happy Midweek !! I hope you are warm, happy and fulfilled in your endeavors this wintry month. Like many, I am coping with some nasty weather, but what better way to take your boxy coat out for a walk?  Here,  I am batting temps in the teens in a muted green Jil Sander Boxy coat:boxycoatlead

On days like these, simple errands can feel like a challenge;  so dressing warmly, in luxurious layers, can make all the difference. Underneath my coat I am wearing a simple lightweight tee and a cashmere sweater. The two layers are the building blocks for warmth. I added a burgundy velvet scarf, and topped it all with a luxurious Jil Sander coat that is boxy in shape, but smooth in style. No edges here!boxycoatsfrontboxysidelead

At my age, the beanie trend was something I was ambivalent towards. There is something a bit strange about dressing as if one is in a neo-natal wing in a hospital. Right?  And, hmm., can i say it?  Yes, its my blog and I can say what I want to. ( say what I want to, say what I want to..)  looking as though I have a condom on my head. There I have said it!  In this city , we are all reduced to our primordial selves in the effort to stay warm. Okay, not quite. One can not be said to be in a primitive state if one is wearing felted cashmere by Jil Sander, silly beanie on one’s head, not withstanding.
Still, condom head or not, what say you? It is warm , this beanie thing, and keeps your hair in place, and one can tuck it in a Birkin and not worry about its shape. Okay, I have digressed about the beanie trend, I guess I am a happy  late adopter. boxyface

I added a pair of long Missoni gloves for warmth and a bit of color, tucked my jeans into tall flat boots, and off I went. There were groceries to procure, dry cleaning to collect, and wine in need of buying! A close up of the bag and funky gloves:boxycuglove

I do hope you warm up to the boxy coat trend. It is here to stay. That doesn’t mean one should abandon other good quality coats, au contraire!  Skeptics, you should give this trend a try, and here are some shopping suggestions:boxycoatshop

// 1. Peachy Pink “Dina” overcoat from Teva Co, available at whistle.co.uk.com for $650.
// 2. Textured gray herringbone coat from Asos.com-  on sale for $97.20
// 3 . Jil Sander boxy coat from Net-a-Porter in cashmere, same brand as I am wearing, is $4,419.
// 4. For spring, from Marni, in parachute cotton for $1350. from Marni.com

My outfit details:
// Jill Sander boxy coat, thrifted for $90.00!!! via a Long Island charitable thrift store.
// Jeans; Level 99 available at ANTHROPOLGIE
// BEANIE, street vendor, 5 humble dollars
// boots , Coclico, brown with blue topsticthing, thrifted, similar from Saks.com
// Missoni gloves, Missoni.com a few years back
// muted gold quilted bag, thrifted

I hope the rest of the week speeds by and brings you much happiness!xx Elle signature

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Kas New York: Hand Worked Opulence is Alive and Well

The bitter cold, and icy rain, was a thing to endure in order to see the fabulous preview of the 2014  Fall/Winter line of Kas New York. Kirat Anand’s collection features tribal prints, in  both form-fitting and caftan silhouettes, and glorious adornments, hand crafted embroideries and appliques. The ballroom of the Indian Consulate is a regal backdrop that suits Mr. Anand’s craft perfectly. The colors of his garments are vibrant, and stand in happy contrast to the bleak outdoors.Kasopen

Kirat Anand created his Kas New York company after a career in investment banking. His contemporary, ready to wear women’s label is known for lush hand detailing , vivid color, and the sort of versatility that can take the wearer from day to-night. This season is splendid in deeply hued colors, rich in verdant greens, cut outs, and textured leather. Bits of fur detail on collars and fingerless gloves add a touch of glamour. Hemlines are short, long and variational.Kasgreenleather
This embellished caftan below, is striking in the black and white theme with embellishment and cobalt blues adding boldness  to the flowing garment.kastunic

Here a decidedly modern look:Kasshortgreen

A blue spotlight illuminates the intricate applique of this lovely dress:Kasblue

My photos do not do justice to these beautiful garments. The blizzard condition prevented my photographer from attending, so these photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy phone, without benefit of zoom and light. I hope I am able to relay the outstanding quality of this line.

I am adding some photos from the website KasNewYork.com. Here is a Trend board featuring the Nay maxi dress, my personal favorite for its detailing, opulence and ornamentation that somehow does not go over the top, and stays within the aesthetic of boho- albeit luxe boho!

The Giuliette Dress is the focus of this trend report from the website of Kas New York. It is a stunner, and is styled perfectly here.Kas dress review Mydailycostume.com
From the site Electricfrenchie.com is the Flora caftan for $169. This airy dress grazes the ankle in floral sheer chiffon and boasts an exquisitely embroidered panel down its center.Kaftanfrenchie

Before the show , I am seated in the lovely lobby of the exquisite ballroom. You can see on my face some happy expectations! They were most certainly fulfilled viewing this spectacular preview of Kas New York 2014, for the Fall-Winter season.KasEllen

Please do yourself a favor and check out the websites I mentioned, you will be happy that you did! It is rare to see this sort of ornamentation for a ready to wear line in a moderate price line. I personally see some overtones of Balmain, in the highest quality dress- making details. I do not have to tell you the retail prices of those garments!

 Be informed, please, that  I have no vested interest in this company, was not compensated for this post, and that all opinions are my own.
Have a wonderful week!xx Elle signature

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with FRESH flowers { from the PlantShed}

The count down is here for the calendar’s most romantic holiday: 5 days left until Valentine’s Day. There are so many ways to show your love, but one of the most welcomed, and traditional ways, is to send fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day. The key here is sending really fresh flowers that will last. It is very disappointing to spend hard-earned cash to send your Love flowers, only to find them wilted before you can say “Valentine’s Day is over.” That does not happen here! PSbest

This is why I am featuring the PlantShed in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, located at 209 W 96th St.
Here you will find an amazing, well-tended variety of plants and cut flowers for all occasions. The service is top-notch and the flowers are SO FRESH. I bought an orchid here and it last 3 times longer than the one I bought in a grocery, and it was priced the same. I love it!  They do beautiful arrangements, too. In 2011, huffpo featured PlantShed as one of the top 5 ” Best New York City Flower Shops for Mother’s Day.”

Another thing about this wonderful, open green house of a shop, is the helpful and pleasant staff. They offer you help without directing you to the most expensive or exotic flowers. So rare in Manhattan. Also, I did my photo shoot there a few days ago. I realized the next day that I left my handbag there. ( Cole-Hann, pictured in many of the photos below.)  I waited until today to pick it up, knowing full well it would be there, and IT WAS. That is the kind of place it is. Here is a photo I took:plantsedflowers

Some photos of me in the shop, happily looking at vibrant shades of flowers and cactus, too- a rare treat on a gray winter’s day:PS2PSpalePStallPSskirtandsweaterPSEllesmiles
This is what I would choose For my Valentine’s day gift ( In addition to jewelry, of course!- inexpensive jewelry is good, too!) This arrangement can be found on their website, which is listed in the second picture.Psloveumore

I have been a fan of the PlantShed flowers for three years now. My co-op building has the most beautiful arrangements delivered regularly, and since then it has been true love. Okay, not quite; let’s just leave it a budding friendship and admiration. Disclosure: there is none! I have no vested interest in this company, and was not compensated in any way for this post. All opinions are my own.
Got it!? LOVE this place! Here I am walking out of the shop with two fresh bunches of flowers. Take that Winter!!

Oufit details:
//Skirt;TRUE MEANING via Housing Works
//Cashmere sweater set: Chanel
//Pearl and rare semi precious, and precious necklaces, My Design, Me. Moi. Elle
//Buckled combat boots: Chelsea Crew via 6pm.com
//Coat: The Outnet.com
//Bag: Cole Haan via Second Time around, Sag harbor

XX, Elle



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//// Stacked Bracelets //// – The dainty wrist is DEAD!

Happy weekend to my blogging friends. Whew, we have made it through the first few days of this tumultuous month: followers from Bavaria, Germany all the way to the midwest of this country have been dealing with Weather, capital W. To distract us from this troubling trend, I will embark to divert you with a much more entertaining one. The stacked bracelets trend.  Yes;  you heard it here first: the dainty wrist is dead!stacked bracelet trend 2014

Okay, this may not be headline news. Many trend-savvy fashionistas have been sporting heavy metal wrists for some time now; but this trend is seriously gaining traction. Further, this stacked bracelets trend can be adapted into any aesthetic; from moto -biker chick, college campus trend setter, or Park Avenue socialite. Is your diamond tennis bracelet lost and lonely in your jewelry box? Put it back on, but add some, or all, of the following:braceltstackall

–top to bottom, left to right: these can be found at:
// Ebay, scarletdragonfly accessories, asking price $13.10
// Leopard panther bracelet, QVC $140
// J.Crew enamel bracelet $39.50, two or more is reduced to 25% off
// J.Crew enamel bracelet in mint herringbone, priced as above
// Hermes.com $650
// blue panther bracelet QVC, priced as above
// jadeite bracelet, $3.00 includes shipping from seller shiny6memories
// J. Crew embellished lucite cuff, $125.
// hammered gold bracelet from Blue Nile, $325

Here are more options for the stacked bracelet trend:twojcrew
// Blue Nile, as above
// bracelets 2 and 4 are J. Crew pave links, priced at $125
// bracelet 3 is from Fornash via metroparkusa.com, priced at $25

More, you say? Twist my arm ( but don’t run off with any bracelets, mind you.)turgcuff
// Blue Nile hammered gold, as above
// turquoise enamel cuff with hinge, $188 from metroparkusa.com
// Hammered pave arrow bracelet by styletryst, from metroparkusa.com. $18.

// Hermes enamel bracelet $400
// leopard pattern enamel panther bracelet, $140 via QVC
// hammered gold bracelet from Blue Nile, this is a fav for stacked bracelets.


// top left “stack” is a pinterest find, showing the work of Alexis Bittar.
Please check out this amazing pinterest board from
Bobby Schaefer Schaef Designs Jewelery.com , titled Stacking Bracelets. It is awesome!
// bracelets 1, 3, 5 are Banyan tree bark from metroparkusa.com, priced at $42.50
// bracelets 2,4,6 are as above , $18. from metroparkusa.com

// leather and horse bit bracelets via Ebay.com, priced at $13.50. Seller:the country horse
// Hermes enamel bracelet $760, Hermes.com

5bracelt // bracelets 1 and 3 , as above from QVC
// jadeite bracelet, as above, Ebay
// Gold bracelet from Blue Nile
// leather-horse bit bracelet as above from Ebay
// J.Crew enamel bracelet, as above

Below is a photo of me wearing the stacked bracelets pictured in the opening shot. The Leo gloves are from Aldo, and the bracelets were covered in an earlier post: a mix of thrifted finds, 2 from the diamond district, and one custom-made. I love that you can not tell the difference, even given the difference in price.
Note: feel free to mix it up!aldoglovepurpsweater

I found this leo pattern hair calf bracelet today at  a NY thrift store that benefits Aids research. It is trimmed in blue water python. The first and third you have seen. My navy gloves were thrifted too, years ago! ( I have tiny hands, so vintage gloves are the only ones that fit well)blackglovegoathiar,jpg

The final photo is again the same bracelets with the addition of the baroque pearl bracelet ( one bracelet, two strands) from Encore on Madison Avenue. My gloved hand is resting on my thrifted leo bag!


I hope I have inspired you to dig deep in those drawers and wear your bracelets. Add a few new ones for good measure and sheer heft. Sometimes being heavy-handed can be good. Get stacking, and stay warm!

XX, Elle

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A Leather Bomber for a Balmy Day

Happy Febs! ( it is a short month so I thought it okay to abbreviate it!)  Well, it is not quite balmy , but is in the forties, so after a challenging week of near zero weather, I was happy, indeed, to stroll about in my leather bomber jacket.beanie
The streets of Manhattan were busy with incredulous looking folks who seemed to not quite believe their good fortune. I was one of them!
I walked for twenty blocks or so, got some things for the house, and only needed my knitted scarf and hat, along with my leather bomber, for warmth. It seems the busiest places were those that sold things that would be necessary for a super-bowl evening. ( wine store, sushi restaurant, burger place, grocery)
I wanted to shout, ” Look Ma, no snow!” (or snow boots, even) .. but I still had to be careful where I walked; dirty piles of littered snow,  did survive here and there.pointytoe
More snaps of what I wore on this lovely, almost sunny day.hermesbeaniesqureheremsbeaniecrop
Here is a photo of the leather bomber from the website that manufactured it. It is shown in red ( good Valentines Day gift, no?) but mine is in black. The details of the leather bomber are clearer here.bomber
I am wearing three bracelets that are stacked. I like the heavier look that layering provides, and would prefer using the bracelets I own, rather than  buy a new one, but there are some great “heavy metal” bracelets that would be a great accent to any outfit. ( future post)

In the following photo, the top and bottom bracelets are costume, and are from STA in Manhattan’s Upper West side. The one in the middle is actually three that I had welded together as they got big for me. They were custom-made in gold and colored sapphires and colored diamonds. I love them combined!braceltsbeanie

I got my knitted hat from a street vendor. I wanted to try this style out. After a few days of wearing it, and not getting “hat head” I am giving my $5 hat a thumbs up.

If you, too, are enjoying a bit of good weather, then I am equally pleased for you. If not, then I commiserate!  I am wishing everyone a good February. I even heard birds sing today!

Outfit details:  – remember it is all in the mix!–
`Leather bomber, from Square One in Midtown NY
`Knitted cap, street vendor
`Missoni scarf was a gift from a very wonderful and generous friend
`My pointy toe pumps are Charles, by Charles David and were thrifted for $8.
`The black blouse is by Laundry, purchased many years ago.
`and yes, the bag Is Hermes Birkin in swift leather, and was a gift from my incredibly generous sister ~when I was ill. ( if that doesn’t make you feel better, then it is all over, girls!)

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Valentines Day 2014: Sweet & Savvy Gift Guide

As January begins its blustery exit – hoorah!- We know that Valentines Day is just around the corner.  To help inspire Valentine gift ideas, I am providing some very pink roadmaps:2014 Valentine's day gift guide
Above, top to bottom and left to right: snake-embossed pointy flats- 12.99 @ Zulily.com, Kate Spade bracelets from couture.zappos.com  are 64.99; they are from the “locked in” series.  A very nice way to show your commitment!  Middle inset stripe skirt is 14.99 @ Zulily.com. Lastly, are these gorgeous bra+ panty sets via Zulily.com for 8.99! I hope you agree that these are good Valentine gift ideas!

The next Cupid inspired gift ideas are these:slipcandleVday
This selection features a pretty  lace slip for 19.99 via Zulily.com and also from this site, a fragrant candle from Indulgence with a hibiscus scent at 14.99, and a honey bee soap -divine!- at 11.49.  Zulily.com is a flash sale site, so act quickly if you are interested in these: if any of them sell out, they always carry fabulous items that you can choose instead.

More Valentine gift ideas:valentine's day gift ideas, 2014
Red rose dress ( pictured twice) via Tradesy.com is Alice $ Olivia for $175.   Bluewick candle via Zulily.com is 14.99. Also from this site is the faux suede, but real pink gladiator sandals for spring via Belle Maria and for the snappy price of 19.99. The leather jewelry tote is just 13.99. Above, middle inset is a “love” sign, from Fresh Words Market via Zulily.com. and is only 19.99.

This year, I plan to have a quiet night at home, with candles burning and dinner ordered in. In the next photo, I will show you want I want for a Valentine’s day from my hubby. Since he reads my posts, I will not have to ask him! It is a deco inspired bracelet that hooks on a finger.. it is SO beautiful!!  I found it at editorialite.com. Maggie wore this to a ballet and looks so elegant. Please go to her blog and see it, it will absolutely inspire you. The links of where to buy or rent it are there on her site. She is a brilliant writer, has fabulous style sense, and is gorgeous!ElleVDAY

What do you desire this year? Share your Valentine gift idea!
Since I absolutely can not strike another X or O Key, I will just sign off here. Happy Wednesday!
~~~~~ Elle~~~~~~~

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Bag, In Hand: Second-Hand Bags

Happy Weekend Lovely Friends!   It has been very cold here, so I decided I would put together a post comprising some of my second-hand bags.  This is part one, as I have a lot of these!vintage bag- inspiration for Fendi

As you know I love to scour vintage stores, thrift stores, and consignment stores. I find a wonderful selection of fashion and accessories at these places, but it does require a bit of effort and a lot of patience. This has paid off nicely for me. I have a wonderful collection of second-hand bags ( and clothes, and coats, and jewelry…)

Here is a photo of some of my favorite second-hand bags.manybags
Top to bottom: Is a lizard “kelly” bag from Lederer’s On Madison Avenue. Like another well know French house, this company makes hand-made bags in France, with highly prized quality leather and exotic skins.
This bag cost me a lot, for  a second-hand bag, about $180.00, but it retails for  so much more – you could add a zero and then multiply by 3-5… And if It were made by Hermes it would be north of $16,000.
It has no engraving on the front, but I am cool with that.  It is a ladylike beauty.  Just under it is a bag from Lancel, another handbag company based in France. This resembles the Hermes Bolide bag, perfectly, except for the engraving. It is in a textured leather and I love the caramel color and the brass hardware that is still gleaming after all of these years. I do not know what the retail price is, but I paid somewhere around 20 dollars for it 10 years ago on Ebay. The Hermes Bolide, one of my favs, is about $12,000. ( correct me if I am wrong, it has been a while since I have shopped there).

The gold quilted bag underneath is a Tag sale find, and cost me $5.00. I love the burnished gold color and the tassel. The metallic is very neutral and a good choice when I am tired of black, gray and brown.
The little top stitched bag below was $3.00 at a tag sale, and I love it. It is quite small and works perfectly when I am dressed in a fancy dress and want a simple bag. I love the top stitching detail, and its diminutive size. Three Bucks! Even I am speechless..

The next photo was a gift from a friend, when she was antiquing on the North Fork of Long Island. It is a lovely old clutch, and is beautifully crafted in crewel work and has little paste pearls and emeralds seeding the frame. it is missing a few tiny stones but is flawless otherwise!  Behind it is a pair of Missoni gloves.

Here is another photo of my $3.00 bag, on top of an antique mirrored jewel box, and in front of a painting I did last summer.topstitchpaint

The photo in the opening picture is a vintage bag, made of old telephone wires. I have seen Fendi bags similar to these, and I believe this kind of bag was an inspiration to designers looking for texture and a graphic feel to their hand bags. Here is the photo, worn with a houndstooth skirt by GEMMA KAHNG, New York.telbag I treasure this second hand bag, it has a true vintage feel.
The next photo is of a jeweled bag thrifted In East Hampton, in a lovely muted rose color. I was also wearing a skirt from F21 that was dead ringer -copy of Prada that year! My huge pearl bracelet strung with baroque beauties was also purchased second-hand at Encore, Madison Avenue. I could have walked 5 blocks south- on Madison- and seen something very similar for 10 times the price I paid, maybe more.pinkjewel

A photo of the Lederer kelly in black lizard, worn with my Tocca coat from a recent post and my leo gloves from Aldo.toccakelly

A photo of the gold quilted bag with a plaid coat ( that has a matching skirt, and I have been meaning to post..) and cool leather and brass bracelet from an Upper East side boutique near Saks.plaidgold

You may remember this photo from a recent post featuring my Docle and Gabanna velvet coat and my $3.00 leo bag, ( I apologize once again to my dear friend Greetje from No Fear of Fashion).. I love its round hat box shape.leosecond

This jeweled bag is a second look from a recent post as well. It is hand-made on velvet and is comprised of agate and semi precious stones. ( amethyst and chalcedony). It is a favorite of mine from the Second Time Around in Sag Harbor.lbsclose

Okay, The weekend is coming to an end, so I will quit here. I will post Part 2, when we get another awful week of weather!  Have a great weekend!

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Wearing Blue; Seeing Gray

Good morning Monday Lovelies! I hope you enjoyed the weekend and that good memories are still with you. We had several days of rain here, so I stayed in a good bit.  After two days I was sure it would let up and got dressed to go out.  It was warm, so I wore a sky blue leather jacket and flat boots. I took My leopard print
leather gloves and  leopard print bag, and checked the window– Still Raining!  I put my scarf away and stayed in.rainrain
I needed groceries, thank heavens for Fresh Direct, and I could order in dinner, so all was well. I did some housework, wrote some poetry ( future post?) , did some laundry and then just accepted the day as a lazy one. rainstand
Having exhausted all of my household tasks , I decided to try the camera on my new Samsung Galaxy phone. I took some pics of little things around the house, after arranging some of them. This was entertaining. Here are some photos, courtesy of my rainy, lazy day.
~vintage brooch on a note-book from my friend Dea:borach
~gilded bud vase from Pheebs, with an earthenware vase in my entry:entryvase,jpg
~little marble statue and some beaded, architectural ballsstatueaura
~and with the sketch filter on my phone, here againstatuesketch
~an old costume cameo with a ruby braceletcameo
~this is a hunter green venetian glass bowl filled with marble eggs and seashell, I added a filter that inverted the colors:egg

I really enjoyed my lazy day. It was fun to see little, everyday objects differently, thanks to my Samsung Galaxy 4 phone. I hope your weather is better where you are. The rain has stopped today, but it is quite cold ( so I am looking longingly at that thin blue jacket, colored like the summer sky, that would have been warm enough just two days ago.) But all is well, and I am hoping that you are starting your week off well, and warm!

Outfit details: ( entire outfit under 100 dollars total)
Leather jacket is Wet Seal, via Tradesy for around 10 dollars!
Anthropologie eyelet blouse, thrifted for 2 dollars
JUST USA jeans 10 dollars, via Square One, NY NY
Boots ( owned once by a well-known fashion icon with a penchant for vintage clothing) via
Second Time Around in Sag Harbor for 55 dollars. They are made By Coclico, and are chocolate-brown with blue top stitching, and lined in lime green kidskin
Leo print gloves with bows from Aldo, purchased for 12 dollars!
Now I have plenty of money left for an umbrella! I think I will look for one in a leopard print!

Have a good one!

xx Elle signature

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Pattern Mixing: Check.

Happy Friday lovely friends! I hope the week has breezed by.  A few days ago I met a friend for dinner to celebrate her birthday.  I wore a foulard dress, with a matching coat, a mink scarf, with a check pattern woven in, and argyle tights!  Talk about pattern mixing!minkcheck,jpg
More photos of this pattern rich ensemble:minkcheck2minkcheckcominkcheckco2
There is a whole lot of pattern mixing going on here!  I  find that this trend comes to me naturally, and since I was wearing two matching pieces, I did take some liberty by adding the pattern mixing!  Since my ensemble was camel and black, with some burgundy dashed into the scarf and tights, I allowed a bit of bright in with my “Blue Boy” polish by Chanel.

Here is a photo of a lovely neighborhood eatery.minkcheckrest
They served a wonderful branzino. It was so mild, I thought it was dover sole! My friend had a hangar steak and we both drank Prosecco!  Since it was her birthday we indulged in dessert. Yum!dessert

What I Wore:
Wool foulard print sheath, and matching coat: Tocca, via Saks Fifth Avenue ( on sale) This is about 15 years old, and I love it as much now as I did then!
Sheared mink scarf, via Ebay
Vince Camuto pumps, via consignment store
Argyle tights, K-Mart Bridgehampton, NY ( I was happily surprised at their selection!)
Sapphire and diamond bands from my hubby
Bracelets are a mix of costume and genuine: the costume pieces, are via STA, NY NY.

Enjoy your weekend!xx Elle signature

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West End Blues

Happy Monday everyone! I hope this weekend was cozy and warm even if the weather outside was a bit of a challenge. I took these pictures on Thursday, because the sun came out, so I ran out in my leopard  cardigan sweater and lightweight fur-trimmed coat. I think I have the practice of layering for winter down to a tee!bluemgleft
I seemed to have caught the sun in one of its rare weekly appearances. Pardon my squint, I was not going to wear sunglasses today!  You will notice a few layers; this is my technique for being comfortable while outside, when the mercury can drop 40 degrees in a few hours!
Here are some close-ups of my layers: diamond foulard, leopard cardigan, and tweed. I love to mix patterns and textures.bluemjco

Since the days have been so gray, I chose to wear marine blue today, and I paired them with a favorite leopard print cardigan, a blue foulard jacket, and fur-trimmed coat. This coat is knit, and is as light as a sweater and the fur buttons off -if it gets warm. It was a great choice for today. Since there were still some remnants of snow on the ground I wore my black boots. I ran a few errands, and then met a friend for glass of champagne and the best caesar salad ( they grill the lettuces for a bit before making the salad, and the champagne was ice-cold and de-lish!

I hope you are faring well this week; I know it is winter weather for most of you and summer weather for those lucky few!  Whatever the temps, I hope it is sunny!

Outfit details:
Naturalizer, lace -back boots from 6 P.M.
Leo sweater :  J. Crew, via STA , Broadway, NY NY
Blue foulard jacket :  Marc Jacobs, via Collette in Sag Harbor
Fur trimmed coat via Ebay
Nail Polish “blue Boy” Chanel
Sapphire ring, ebay
Sapphire and diamond bands from hubby

Have a wonderful week!!

xx Elle signature

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Staying Warm in Sapphire

So far January has been dishing out some nasty weather: bitter cold days, snow and days so bleak , it looks like the fog rolled in!. My solutions are a toasty fur hat, an almost sapphire blue nail color, and a sparkling sapphire blue ring.  My dress and coat are not quite sapphire blue, but sapphires do come in all shades of blue ( grayish blue is fairly common, as are yellow, pink, white and red!)  Therefore, I am combating Nature’s grays with the lively bling of sapphire blue.furgarsaphlead

Here I am outside on the of the warmest days this week, but possibly the grayest!  In fact I think I blend in to the background almost perfectly. I wish I knew Photoshop and could pop me out of that gray street and insert me in a photo featuring a brilliant blue sky an a snow-capped mountain. Oh well, one day..
I do want to mention my hat-scarf combination. I recently bought in at a vintage store, and purchased it immediately. The mink is old, but in good shape, and the knitted portion is attached to the hat and goes behind the head and forms a scarf. It is the warmest thing I have ever worn. Plus, It is very much like something I have seen my mom wear in an old photo. That was the real impetus for this purchase! Funny, though, in this shot I look like my mother-in-law, when she was my age!
mink hat and sapphire ring
In this photo I look like my mom! ( she has been gone now for 3 years… ) This is a sentimental hat,  as well as being the warmest one I have ever worn!
Inside you can see the colors best of the A-line shift and the matching coat:furhatECIdresscoat

In this last shot you can see the dress on its own and the black lace blouse I wore underneath, to give it some pop!  Without the hat this outfit needed texture as well as color.furharinsidelace

A note about my watch. This is a diamond Piaget that was a gift from my sister. The trend now is to wear larger faced watches. ( so she got a Rolex in rose gold!) I like to update this smaller watch by wearing it almost as a stacking bracelet, taking some care that the bracelets I choose won’t scratch the face of the watch. Good watches will have sapphire protecting the dial, which is almost as hard as diamond, so it does not scratch as easily and can be polished out.

Outfit Information:
Boots:Easy Spirit – comfy!
Dress and coat: E-C-I / New York purchased on Ebay about 10 years ago.
Necklace: Temple St Clair ,via Off Saks Long Island, NY
Bracelets; Sapphire and diamond from an antique store in CT. Gold one is costume and was from STA,
Broadway, NY NY.
Sapphire and diamond ring is from Ebay, and was authenticated to be genuine! A Happy score!
Black bag, looks like vintage Gucci, but is by British Designer Jane Shilton:
It was purchased at a tag sale, sorry Greetje, for $3.00! It is genuine leather and the hardware is perfect! Lace Tee is from TJ Maxx!
Nail Color is Chanel, Le Vernis in “Blue Boy”
Have I mastered the HI-LOW or what?

I hope that wherever you are the sun is shining and that 2014 has been kind so far!
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Ringing in the New Year In the LBD

Happy, Merry, Joyous 2014!  I ushered in the New Year wearing a couture strapless dress, my favorite LBD,  with my neck and wrists decked out in pearls.  I wore Vince Camuto heels in black kidskin, and a jeweled clutch, inlaid with semi precious stones ( chalcedony, onyx, agate, coral).  I wore my velvet Dolce and Gabbana velvet coat featured in a recent post.  It is the New Year; a girl has to get her game on, and there is no surer way than the LBD!  An outfit twist soon… Here is a photo:lbdlead

I had the pleasure to be with family and friends for this holiday. The party was held at my father’s, and so many wonderful friends dropped in and out. My sister brought in scrumptous food from Citeralla, a well know eatery in the Hamptons, and my father hired a cook. My sister in law laid a beautiful table!LBDtable

Here is a photo of my father’s beautifully lit co-op building.xmas2

The lovely lobby:lbdlobby

More photos of my outfit, taken at home before the party.ldb2,jpg

Now what you don’t see, or do see, but is part illusion: ( No, not me, I am real, I swear!)  While the photos were taken in my home, I spliced part of my father’s lit outside entrance into the photo,  to merge where I was, with where I was going.  Also, I will be frank, my dad is not well, and I like to have part of him in my photos, (even if it is a part of where he lives), as well as in my heart. So the lit tree that looks like a photo of fireworks is there,  for reasons both decorative and symbolic.

A happy bit of news about my outfit. The entire outfit was thrifted or bought deeply discounted at consignments stores in Manhattan or East Hampton! What I wore:
~Strapless dress by Tom and Linda Platt for Bergdorf Goodman, thrifted in East Hampton
~Vince Camuto heels purchased at a consignment store
~ Enourmous Keshi pearl bracelt , Encore, Madison Ave  NY NY
~South Sea perals bought directly from the diamond district
~Dolce and Gabbana Coat, from Roundabout NY NY.
~Velvet clutch with hand set semi-precious stones, from Around Again, Sag Harbor

I literally saved thousands!  A good way to start a New Year-  but not as good as the party surrounded by loving friends and family!  I wish you all a happy 2014; filled with success, happiness, exciting challenges, and personal achievement!
xx Elle signature

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Lace Holiday Dress: Organza over Satin- in Sunset Peach

Happy Holiday Week! I hope you are enjoying the seasonal festivities!  I am so enjoying this season!  Yesterday I went to a dinner party and wore a peach, lace holiday dress, paired with black tights, crystal studded bag, and my favorite ankle strap pumps in ebony.laceouttilt
I topped the lace holiday dress off with my fox fur vest and wore a necklace that I made myself. It is unseasonably warm here in New York! I am loving this weather !
A brief walk took me to our friend’s house where delicious food and wine was served. Lots of bubbly, too! I waited patiently at the elevator.
Alas, I am not a patient person, so I took the stairs.lacewalk
Then it occurred to me that the stairs might be a good, quiet place to get some photos. Thanks Hubby!
Here is a close up of my lace holiday dress. You can see my new bag, and pearl bracelet. The pretty lace pattern can be appreciated at this vantage point.closeuplace,jpg
My husband and I had a wonderful time, and so appreciate  our lovely friends and their amazing cooking, as well as their abundant and gracious hospitality. It is also so nice that they live so near to us, that we can walk.  I am closing with a picture that I like in that it captures my mood , and shows off the humble city sidewalk; plain as it was before the sunset, and before the Christmas lights came on . I am sorry it is grainy, but this pic has personality. ( I think?– can an inanimate object have personality,- okay no, but indulge me anyway.)

Wherever you are, whatever you celebrate; I am wishing you joy in this holiday season and into the New Year!

Lace Holiday Dress: Ebay last year,
Crystal bag: Mushmina at Grand Central: contact Mushmina.com
Keshi Pearl bracelet ( have you ever seen such large ones?) Encore; Madison Avenue
Fur vest: STA Broadway NY NY
Ankle strap pumps: Kenneth Cole
Pearl, ruby, garnet, ( red and green garnets) with sapphires, made by me, and Mother Nature.
Photos by my husband, ( Thanks Ed!)
xx Elle signature

enjoy your #holidayparty

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Christmas Week in New York

Happy Holidays ; belated, and soon to be here!  It is so wonderful to live in New York during the Holiday Season. Everything is lit, and while there is the usual rushed determination, there is also a lighter, happier vibe that is palpable.  It is quiet here this week, as many people travel. I am going to show you my pics of my  low key Christmas week:christmasNY

I am not going to show you photos of the well known spots, but rather, smaller, less known photos of places I visited this Christmas week. First, and true to my shopping-loving style, is a place where I purchased Chanukah and Christmas gifts.  In Grand Central terminal there is an indoor gift fair featuring unusual gifts, many of them handmade. They are open for 6 weeks, from 11-18 to 12-24.  The variety is fabulous, as there are 76 vendors, and the prices are reasonable, since the overhead is fairly low. This is a great place to get gifts, especially in cold weather. holidayfair,jpg

I loved  shopping at a booth called Mushmina, who can be found at Mushmina.com. Owned by two sisters in Philadelphia, these talented designers offer handmade and luxurious pillows in velvet, long ribbons of beads, and handwoven aztec patterns. Here is a sampling:pillow
I purchased a bag from them entirely made in set crystals. At $75.00, I thought it well priced!
I also saw a lovely art glass store, and photos of their glass ornaments are what made up my opening photo! They had lovely, swirled art glass wine stoppers that are a great gift.artglass

Coming home from the gift fair I smelled the delicious scent of pine and saw a Christmas tree vendor. Above his freshly cut trees was this comical decoration. It put a smile of my face.


I packed for a three day trip to East Hampton with my hubby and two children. Later, I arrived home from walking my dog and was alerted to something delicious in the kitchen. My son made chipotle steak quesadillas as a delicious surprise lunch! ( where he learned to cook, i know not..)pburritos

For dinner we went to Nick and Toni’s, an iconic East Hampton restaurant known for their local ingredients, innovative menu, and celebrity sightings ( In high season, not this week!).  The service and food was divine, and the champagne was flowing. I took a snap of the decor behind our banquette:xmasdeconandt

While I dont like having my pictures taken in public, I found myself alone in the enclosed patio for a bit, so I asked a waitress to snap my photo. Please realize that I not only have no make up on, I am also not wearing lipstick ( a rare event, and the camera angle was awkward, but here goes.. to the New Year, where perfection tendencies vanish, and vanity goes to seed..)ellennandt

We traveled home as the sun set.sunsetxmas

Unpacked, and hungry we met friends for a quiet but festive meal.FRXmas

What a lovely week we had. You will see some gifts in future posts! I hope you also enjoyed, and wish you a joyous season to come!
xx Elle signature

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Winter White Dress for a Winter #Holiday Party!

Monday Night I joined my husband for a holiday party with his business associates and I wore a winter white dress in satin. With the recent snow we have had in New York, this dress leapt to mind.

I am at home in these pictures because I feel self conscious being photographed in public, at night especially, when a flash must be used. I am wearing an a line satin dress and cerise suede platform shoes.

Taking pictures just before going out was a good idea. I got to really see how I looked. I have learned that a camera tells a fuller story than a mirror! I chose a deco inspired, beaded bag with  crystal baguettes. It lended a bit of glam to a fairly plain winter white dress.  The cerise shoe seemed right for the Holidays!satinsmile

I brought along a studded mink vest to wear over the dress if it became chilly in the restaurant where the party was held. When I added it, it transformed the outfit to one with a bit of edge. Here I am at home, wearing it as I did later that night. I am glad I brought it, it was chilly!


Before I left for the party I changed into black pumps, so i would not ruin my suede shoes in the snow. I added a black dress coat with a high, ruffled collar in silk velvet. It is Dolce & Gabanna so it is lined in leopard print. My bag looked well with the lining!satinsitleo

Here is a shot I took of the restaurant where the party was held. I love the way they lit the entrance! The food was divine, too!satinrest

Upon returning home from a wonderful night, I changed into cozy pajamas and put my things away. Okay, not really, I just dropped things wherever I wanted, it was a long night!!


I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful holiday season! What are you wearing?

Outfit details: Please note 5 of these items were purchased second hand!
winter white dress, pearl and gold bracelets from STA, Broadway NY NY
Vince Camuto pumps Encore, Madison Avenue NY NY
Dolce and Gabbana Coat Roundabout UES, NY,NY
Suede pumps are from Pueto Rico years ago!
Cuff from Modnique, Nail Colour: Chanel, Le Vernis in “Blue Boy”
Beaded bag, Madison Avenue boutique —- enjoy your #holidayparty

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Moonlit Walk In Black and Sun Yellow

It gets dark early this time of year.  Wearing my sleek, black Walter Baker coat, I felt almost like a spy:cementwalkuse.j[g

Was I ferreting out a mystery?

My Breckelle’s buckle boots were soundless above the octogon cement tiles, and the moon was just bright enough to light my journey.

In my bag was everything I needed:

Alone, In Manhattan, draped in all black , with only a hint of sun yellow from my cabled sweater: where am I off to?  Truth? I am finishing a 5 minute photo shoot, and then going to CVS for gift wrap and hand-made holiday cards. Not so mysterious after all!

Here is what I was wearing: ( featuring my pleather and wool, Walter Baker coat)

Breckelle’s buckle boots via Zulily.com
Pleather and Wool Blend Walter Baker Coat, Via  The Outnet.Com
Yellow Cashmere sweater by Calypso, bought second hand at Retreat Boutique
Lancel Bag ( which looks like like Hermes Bolide,) via Ebay France
Level 99 jeans via Anthropologie

Photos By Dea Jenkins at I.Dea Photography Studios
Hair By Scott Newnan
Make-Up by Yvelisse Romo

~~Moonlight by Mother Nature~~

Happy Holidays!
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Amazing Shopping Tip: The Fifteen Dollar Store (.Com)

Happy Monday Readers! I hope this post finds you happy and enjoying pre-holiday
preparations and winter fun.  For those with long lists of Holiday shopping to complete, here is a tip:
The Fifteen Dollar Store, an online shopping oasis where the retail price is fixed at fifteen dollars! I Have made 4 collages showing some examples of what is currently in inventory. There are amazing buys to be had. I will let the pictures speak their thousands words:

the fifteen dollar store .com

I am sure you are amazed at what is being offered by this online site for only fifteen dollars!  I am, and am buying several things myself. The Fifteen Dollar Store .Com is truly dedicated to providing  value , delivers great discounts and styles that are right on trend. If you buy seven items you get free shipping. There is a no return policy, which is understandable at these prices.  Also, check out their $5 Sale!!!!

Happy Shopping: Clickety Click!! ( Now, that was easy!)
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Luxurious Fall Layers to Beat the Chill

Hello friends!  I hope you are finding this month manageable and happy.   In New York the weather has been mercurial, and it has been challenging to dress for the wild temperature swings that can happen throughout a single day.  I managed this yesterday in luxurious fall layers!
The pictures were taken around 4 PM, and by the time we were done shooting it was dark!  I do sort of like how the photos came out in the dark. ( I kept my sunnies on because my eyes are sensitive to the flash).
Here is the first picture when it was lightest:yellowfur
All of these items were bought secondhand!  While they were costly, they did not break the bank. My leather skirt is from the Retreat Boutique in Bridgehampton, where the proceeds go to battered women.  My  asymmetrical fox fur vest is from STA in the Upper West Side, it is so light and warm. When a breeze hits, I just pull the collar  closer to my neck and I am instantly toasty!  My yellow, cabled cashmere sweater is made by Calypso, an icon in the Hamptons for bohemian chic, but I purchased it second hand, also at the Retreat Boutique. I have an old skiing top layered under the sweater too, for extra warmth, a hand me down my my sister!
Even my Louboutin Booties were from a consignment store ( Collette in Sag Harbor) Here is a close up on the booties. I love the neutral pewter color and the pleating detail:
Only my sunnies and cuff are from a traditional retail store, and it is a miracle that I have not lost them after so many years! The little pop of red was nice for this outfit.  The bracelet is from Modnique, a flash sale site that I like. So now it is dark. I do dislike these short days!  At least it has not yet snowed, and the city is dressed in lights!!

You can probably tell I had some professional help with this shoot!
Credit to:
Dea Jenkins at I.dea Photography Studios
Make UP by Yvelisse Romo
Hair by Scott Newnan

Stay warm in your fall layers, and please share your tips on layering in the comment section!  Happy Holiday Season for those who celebrate!

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Dressing Up for the Holidays, Part Two: Fur Trimmed Suit

Happy Thanksgiving to My American Readers and Happy Chanukah to my Jewish Ones!  Monday I wore a chinchilla fur trimmed, trouser suit to beat the cold and wind, as I walked to meet my husband and friends for dinner.
chinchilla coat
This menswear inspired suit gives way to feminine luxury with the addition of the super warm, and sumptously soft chinchilla fur. It Is Bill Blass Couture, and I bought it second hand on Madison Avenue at a shop called Encore. They have the most fabulous clothing!  I am wearing it over a F21 pussy bow blouse (now how is that for hi-lo mixing!) and am also  wearing a thinsulate tee underneath which helps me stay warm without adding bulk. My ankle straps pumps are from Nordstrom, and my red bag is calf fur and snakeskin made by Lanzetti by Lexiapel, and purchased years ago on eBay Italy,  for an excellent price!  I think the outfit of a grey, fur trimmed suit really needed this red accent, and the bag has a lovely texture that Is not apparent in these shots. Additional photos:

Bill Blass suit worm by Elle

Now you are wondering.. Did Elle have her makeup and hair done again? Yes, And I had Dea take the photos again for what will be three posts on dressing up for the holidays. SO credit where it is due:

Photos By I.DEA Photography Studios
Make Up By Yvelisse Romo
Hair By Scott Newnan

What do you do differently for the holiday season? I love to be in NY for this time of year. The stores and Avenues are all dressed in lights, and people are cheery, unless they are on iine to buy something the day before Christmas!  I am attending three Thanksgiving dinners this year ( long story), and then will settle back and relax, drink some wine and wrap some gifts! I hope this post finds you in good cheer!
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Almost Here: Dressing Up For the Holidays

The weather is blustery today, but the hearth is warm.  Welcome, Winter.

The Holidays are fast approaching, and I for one, am dressing up!  I am off to a small dinner party in a neighboring building, so I dressed warmly, and elegantly, befitting the holiday spirit and my lovely and gracious host and hostess.  I am wearing a fox, fur trimmed wool dress made by Luella, that I found at a consignment store on Madison Avenue. The dress was purchased at a very small percentage of what it is worth, and fits me perfectly.

My lovely bag is from a thrift store in Long Island that helps domestic abuse victims with their proceeds, so I was thrilled to buy this, and and am always pleased to wear it. It is really pretty besides! The beaded front and strap is truly lovely and distinctive.

My jewelry was purchased years ago in the diamond district in Manhattan: so many gorgeous pieces to choose from! I tend to favor true period pieces ( like the ruby and emerald bracelet in the middle) and then mix them with pieces that are new:

Outside , it is brisk with the crisp leaves blowing around my feet. I am so glad my dress is lined with fur at the neck and elbows. I don’t even need a coat with this fur trimmed dress, though it is past mid- November, which the wind keeps reminding me of.

My shoes  are familiar to you now, they are my ankle straps from Nordstrom, made by Kenneth Cole. My nail polish, which you could never see before, is “Vested Interest” by Essie. My sunnies are Dior. Here is one of my favorite shots, even though you can not see my head. I love the way my dress is framed in that gorgeous doorway,  just a few steps from where I live.halfluela,jpg

Does my hair looks smoother than usual? Can you notice make up on my face ( which I do not normally wear)  My word!  You can actually see the details in these pics!  What a difference a pro makes!! ( sorry , hubby, who usually takes my photos.)

Photo Credits: Dea Jenkins @ I.Dea Photography Studios
Make Up By Yvelisse Romo
Hair by Scott Newnan

Stay Warm my friends; Let the season envelop you in Joy and Good Cheer.
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Holiday Gift Guide: Featuring NOVICA.com

Hello Blogging friends.  In case the myriad of television commercials have not banged this message into your head, I will remind you that the holidays are fast approaching, and will present a holiday gift guide. Today I am featuring an online site that makes unique, artisan made products from across the globe, available to us here. It is lovely to receive something unusual and handmade for the holidays!novicalead
The above necklace, created by an artisan, is crocheted with rose quartz. It is priced at $49.99!  Now that is a gift idea!  More about Novica.com.  Novica has a simple mantra and that is to spread happiness across the globe by connecting artisans with customers. It is a GOOGLE trusted store and strives to connect artisans to a global marketplace of socially conscious customers.  When you shop for an item you get to know about the artisan that made that piece by hand. To date is has sent over $46M to artisans across the world. How is that for Holiday spirit!  Most gifts are wrapped for free, but premium wrapping is available for $3.95 to $5.95, from certain countries, and the packages are beautiful. It also offers a 60 day return policy.

Here are some of my picks for gift giving this season. Prices range -in this selection- from $17.57 to $53.99. For starters, here is a lovely embellished bag:

This bag is handmade in India, retails for $44.99 and and the shipping time frame is 10-20 days. The artist’s name is Nupur. It is a blend of silk and poly and is embellished with glass and resin beads and metallic yarn.

Next are these lovely mango wood vases retailing for $40.99: These are made in Thailand and the artist is known as Saifon, whose father is a carpenter. Saifon sculpts these sleek shapes and then adds colors in rich hues.

The next object is a lovely Chamber blown glass pitcher that retails for $49.99. It is crafted with expertise in the Mexican tradition of blown glass. It has an ice chamber, which is a handy and unusual feature, and the cobalt blue is stunning!

Here is a beautiful teak cutting board. It retails for $34.99 and comes from Central America. I am sure you will agree that the woodgrains are magnificent:

This is another pick from my holiday gift guide from Novica:

It is on sale today for $53.96 and the ombre colors of teal, lavender, and violet are so lovely.  It is handwoven made By Imtiyaz of silk and wool. There are only two left!

These vibrant earrings are made of 24K gold vermeil and green chalecedony. These were made in Thailand, are on sale for $53.99, but there are limited quantities.

Above, the red quartz and pearl earrings are $17.57, the small, dip painted wood bowl is $24.99, and the beautiful necklace, already described -is pictured here again, because it is so lovely!

I hope you have found this holiday gift guide helpful. This is an excellent shopping resource and I do hope you will check the site out, it has so many wonderful options that I could not cover in this post.  Note: I am not affiliated in any way with this company, all opinions are my own. Happy shopping!

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Naturally Beige: Loving Beige and Camel

              Hello Blogging freinds!! I hope this week has quietly wisped by and  that you have enjoyed it!  Monday I went out and it was sunny,  so I took advantage and did a quick outdoor shoot with a friend. Since the day was sunny,  but cloudy, I took two extra layers with me.   I was so glad I did!  Here I am outside wearing toasty beige cashmere!Michael Kors cashmere jacket worn by Elle   Mydailycostume.com

                My jacket is a cashmere blend from Michael Kors, and has sculpted tulip layers at the bottom from front to back. I loved the shape of this jacket- and it ran small, therefore I bought it without hesitation from STA, Second Time Around, my favorite neighborhood re-sale shop. ( Thanks Sarah!)  My denim jeans are Level 99, and I bought them at a local shop too, but they are sold out now. Never fear, I saw them on Anthropologie’s website- they are mid waist and skinny, and fit SO well.  My burgundy shell in cashmere is Prada.
Above I hope you can see the details better, I am also wearing Dior sunnies in burgundy, and a bag that looks just like Hermes Bolide, but is made by another well known French house, Lancel. I have enjoyed this bag for about twenty years!!  Below is a close up of a necklace that I made year ago. It is comprised of polished yellow quartz, labradorite briolettes with an iridescent blue flash, and a row of diamonds in the middle – that did not come out in the pictures)  from an earring whose mate had been lost. Here is a close up of that necklace:beigeneckl
Another photo of the outfit:beige2

It got chilly, so I added a mink scarf from eBay, ( the mink is recycled!):beigemink

             The following photos are of me after I added my third layer, a fur trimmed  shawl, in beige cashmere that is trimmed with suede laces. I found this at a consignment store in Westchester NY, and rescued it, as it needed two grommets repaired- a snap for someone with jewelry tools!:beigewings

Now, what is this outfit missing? Well, I originally planned on walking the three blocks to this location to shoot and then change into my Louboutin booties. Alas, I forgot them! I do think the outfit would have looked much better with them! My loafers are Chanel, but have seen better days. Oh well, the booties will make plenty of appearences in upcoming posts! I hope you are having a great week and have not being making silly mistakes such as this!!xx Elle signature

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Visual Interest : Stripes and Color Block

            Hello my lovely blogging friends. I hope this dreary Sunday night is not too bleak: I would like to think of everyone inside , cozy, and curled up with a good book or a good movie on NetFlix.  My husband and I just discovered  “Orange is the New Black”, which is such fun.  The weather yesterday was fickle so I wore two jackets, and added some visual interest with a color block bag.Elle wearing a color block bag and muted coat MyDailycostume.com

                 My muted boucle coat is comprised of heathered stripes in the predominate colors of burgundy, black, cream, and grey.  It is made by “Jack” and was purchased at a local boutique on the Upper West Side.  It has roomy pockets and is lightweight: perfect to layer in this fickle season.  I am wearing a denim blazer that you will see again in a future post that I bought on eBay.  I love it, it fits perfectly, so I was truly lucky.  Thank you to the seller who warned ” this garment runs small!”.  My skinnies are familiar to you now; my $10.00 go-to, denim favs..  My ribbed mock tee sweater is Miu Miu, purchased at Encore Re-sale last year.  It is also a treasured go-to, as it looks well with anything and is fits perfectly!                  boucle2

                  I added a color block bag in tri-color, lambskin leather to this outfit.  I was pleased that it added a focal point, and very happy that the color block trend is still going strong.  Since my outfit is essentially monochromatic, and my coat is so muted,  I thought that the color block bag would add a nice, crisp pop of colors! ( new phrase!) The bag was made in Hong Kong via eBay, and I got to choose the color combination myself.  That was fun, and helpful, since these colors do compliment a good portion of my wardrobe.  I also love that I have the option of three handles with this color block bag; one  handle is hand rolled, lady-like style, and in deep navy,  one  is in gold chain,  and one is long enough to be worn messenger style.  Here is a close up of the bag:

                 Are you wearing color block bags, or sweaters? I see them in all of the best stores here in NYC, and they still look fresh. Let me know in the comment section.  Again, I wish you  a fabulous week to come!

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Mixed Media Coat + A Graphic Print Dress

Hurrah! It is almost Friday, and perhaps it IS Friday where some of you are!  It has been gloomy and cool here; a grim reminder that Winter is looming briskly on my doorstep. Today I wore a graphic print dress that I bought last year from KarenMillen.com.  I discovered this brand from shopping on ebay UK, and then saw that they opened a store in Manhattan. I have been planning to get there, but alas, I  only did so virtually, but am pleased with my online purchase.Karen Millen graphic print dress

I love the selection and quality of this little known brand (at least here in the US) and was happy to add this graphic print to my wardrobe last year, somewhat ahead of the trend. The trend in prints last year emphasized mirror and kaleidoscope compositions, so this   graphic print  dress was new for me.  I love the predominant black and brown colors with the golden, pink and white accents. Here is a close up pic of my mixed media coat from TheOutnet.com that I paired with it.

I found this perfect coat from the TheOutnet.com this year. It is mixed media; with the top half in pleather and the bottom in wool. It is simple for a mixed media coat, but delivers a lot of visual interest for something monochromatic. I think it is the perfect compliment to this graphic print dress.Karen Millen Graphic print dress

The gloves are from Bloomingdales, the crocodile bag is vintage HERMES, the black boots are from 6PM.com, and are very comfortable. When I say comfortable, that is “NYC comfortable” which means one can walk 10- 30 blocks and not feel the sensation of ouch or pinch! The sunnies are Dolce and Gabbana, and the necklace is from the wholesale jewelry district in Manhattan. I love to dress this way because I feel I look appropriate for any occasion, and because wearing a simple sheath and adding a coat is so simple! The graphic print dress can be worn casually, because the print is so whimsical.

If you have not heard of Karen Millen, I would suggest you browse their online site. The designs are fresh and their clothing is form fitted, without be too bodycon!  So now I am curious if the graphic print dress, or graphic print blouse or tunic is something you wear, or might add to your winter 2013 wardrobe? Let me know in the comment section!  Have a great weekend!

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Fur Trimmed Sweater for A Brisk November Afternoon

            Happy November lovely readers!   Can YOU believe that it is already November? I have already seen Christmas lights in my neighborhood, so it must be true!  Today it was sunny and brisk, so I wore my weekend “uniform” ( skinny jeans, buckled boots, sweater), but I chose a fur trimmed sweater to protect against today’s chill, and it worked perfectly!

             I love the option of a fur trimmed sweater or fur scarf when it is cool, but not cold. I dislike the bulk of a coat ( although I LOVE coats!) and prefer this on a day like today where the sun is warm, and the air is chilly.

               I  am wearing a grid patterned sweater trimmed with a detachable fox fur collar. It is made by Louis Feraud, and I purchased it at my favorite neighborhood store, a re-sale shop called STA. STA is short for Second Time Around, and there are many of these in Manhattan. The stores are loaded with designer confections, at a fraction of the original prices! Their merchandise is nicely edited, current, and from prestigious designers only. Plus, I love the sales staff there, they know me well, and when I walk in they show me things in my itty-bitty size! Hence, the lovely fur trimmed sweater! Yay!

               My skinny jeans are JUST USA  from Square One in midtown Manhattan, and cost $10.00. I love the fit and they have worn very well. My sunnies are Dolce and Gabbana, bought years ago, and my studded belt was thrifted on Long Island for one dollar! The buckled boots are from a favorite flash sale site call Zuliliy.com and are made by Breckelle’s. They are the perfect short boot for Autumn.

              My leopard bag was purchased a a yard sale in Southampton and cost one dollar also! My topstitched gloves are form Bloomingdales and were considerably more than a dollar, but hey it was the eighties! I am just pleased that it has been almost twenty years and I have not lost them, or of of them ( pet peeve- what does one do with only one glove, other than wait for its mate to suddenly appear in the back of a drawer or linen closet? )

                    I wish you a happy week to come, and days filled with warmth!xx Elle signature

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MYHABIT ( Okay I have a few): A Flash Sale Site I Love

Hello Monday Lovelies – ( It is Monday, so I am trying to cheer you on)!  What better way than to introduce you to a Flash Sale site that I love called  MYHABIT.COM. There are so many shopping venues: brick and mortar stores, the online version of these stores, eBay, TRADESY, and the  ever burgeoning explosion of Flash Sale sites. I have been scatching my head and thinking: So many Flash Sales, so Little Time!  But I will say this: One of my new Favs is MYHABIT.Com


This flash sale site offers real quality, and edits their selection so we are not too crazed with “shopping choice overload”. The discounts are substantial, for timely, well made clothing, accessories, and home goods, too.  They hit all the trends and deliver the best of the best, without emptying our Goyard wallets. Since this is a membership only site, I will illustrate my picks without revealing the brand names. You will have to join to find out!  Note: I have no affiliation with this flash sale site, but think  MYHABIT.com is worthy of your time. (and dollars!)


Here is my collage, comprised entirely with my picks and one of the photos from the Site:

MYHABIT.com picks from Mydailycostume.com

The candle, (top left) smells great, and that is all I can say since you can discern its name–you will love the savings at $18.00 reduced from $30.00. The  natural ruby quartz earrings are $59.00, reduced from $173.00, and they are large!  Did someone say stocking stuffer??  The grey hi-lo top is from a well loved designer and is featured here for $99.00. Underneath that pic is a great pair of skinnies for $79.00, from $198.00.  For the lovers of leopard and cheetah, a famous maker handbag in dyed cow hide at $139.  Underneath that bag is another bag that reminds me of Hermes. It is actually made for men, but I love the scale and details. It is priced divinely at $99.00 reduced from $194.00. The straps look like canvas but they are leather as well.

Middle-inset right, is a heavenly washed leather jacket in in two rich tones, glorious!. It is priced at $239.00 which is so reasonable for it supple quality and gorgeous details. The sheep’s fur boot on the bottom left is a warm and cozy choice for the coming months, priced at $297.00, from $660.00.  The gorgeous boots have a two inch heel and another inch in platform giving you a boost, as well!
The lovely, ivory lace- up boots are perfect to add an edge to a “white-out” ensemble, and is priced at $198.00. They are bone nubuck and have snakeskin embossed heels- To Die For!-  AND are reduced from $395.00. Please go to MYHABIT.COM for more details, I assure you my small samplings only give you a glimpse of the beautiful clothing and shoes they have for sale.  Also, they carry mens, childrens, and great bargains for the home.
Clickety Click girls! You will be glad you did!
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Hello, TAXI???? : Running in Brogues and a Plaid Skater Skirt

Hi Happy -Thursday friends!  Yes, it is a RULE- one must always be happy on this day, as Friday follows close on it’s (stiletto?) heels!   Today I am feeling the bite of October, and am rushing to get to a restaurant to meet a friend for an early dinner.  “Taxi!,”  I implore, as the yellow cars swish on by, with passengers smugly looking out the window peering pitifully ( or do I imagine?) at my plaid- clad self. So what does any rushed, self- respecting girl do when faced with a deadline?  I go running down the street, all clippity- clop in my heeled brogues, my plaid skater skirt jostling about my  smokey legs, that are very much in high gear. No photos of this moment, I will spare you that, but here I am,  just before that comic moment:

The photos of the taxis hails from policker.com and shows the abundance of taxis, somewhere– always somewhere ELSE- ready to wisk one off to one’s desination. Inset is of me, in my heeled brogues from Jeffrey Campbell, and my plaid skater skirt from the children’s department of Bonne Nuit in East Hampton. The manufacturer is Lily Goufrette and it is made in France with a luscious, rich plaid that a girl ( of any age) would treasure.

Two close-ups: I hope that between the two you can visualize the details. My graphic cardi tee is from eBayFrance, and is made by a label poplular there called Cop Copine. Layered on top is a rich rayon velvet blazer by Tahari, and was purchased years ago at TJMaxx! The darling little top stitched bag is a thrift store find and I shelled out three little dollars for it. Brava! I am also wearing a large resin ring with an animal print handpainted beneath it from STA, Second Time Around, a group of high end Re-Sale shops in Manhattan.

Here I am sitting on a bench, glad to be resting after a hectic day of dueling tasks: currently I am Wife- Mommy of Adult children, but Still a Mommy, – Blogger -Medical consultant, Chief purchasing agent for aforementioned domicile, and Chief poop-cleaner upper ( I have a Shih-tzu).. On a more somber note I am also Nurse to my ailing father… but lets not go there today!
Back to trivial adornments and fripperies of all varieties…

Around my neck I am wearing costume cross from the wholesale jewelry district downtown, and just to add some hi-low irony, I am also wearing a necklace that I designed and made which is comprised of some hefty rubies, luminous south sea pearls, saphhires, and rare green garnets. Jumbled together with this costume piece, no one would looks twice at this necklace.. Just the way I like it!  Another close-up:

I hope you are currently planning a wonderful weekend.  I, myself, am planning for two Thanksgiving dinners this weekend! Yes, TWO, and THIS weekend! Another story for another time?  Maybe… Wishing you wellness, happiness, and perfect “closet kharma” my blogging friends! ( Don’t think that new little phrase wont be used again, as I wrote it, I immediately saw it’s post potential!)
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+++ Combat Grunge! +++++

 Merry Monday Blogging Friends!  I hope today is a gentle start of a wonderful week. Today I am wearing an eclectic mix of grunge and luxe, with the elements leading more towards grunge. I will call it “Luxe Grunge” –  just because I want to!   Call it Monday…….

My distressed jeans are Soundgirl Via TJMaxx, and they are as comfortable and they are grungy looking. I will admit this is not a look I go for often, but I am enjoying it, like I generally do when I step out of my comfort level and experiment. My combat boots add to the grunge factor and are Breckettte B, via Zulily.com. My sunnies are Dolce.

          My layered look top is all one piece and it is designed By Dries Van Noten, one of my favorite designers. I admire his work because of his artful mixing of original fabrics, color and pattern, and the result is often a garment that has the appeal of a piece of art. The  NY Times called him “one of the most cerebral designers” in 2008. I agree!
He dresses celebrities such as Cate Blanchette at the Academy Awards, and the Crown Princess of Belgium, Princess Mathilde.  Interestingly, though, he does not do Haute Couture, preferring the more egalitarian venue of Ready to Wear. His prices are high though, but his work is so original and well made, it seems to be worth the cost.

I was lucky to have found this shirt at Encore in NYC, on Madison Avenue, for a fraction of its retail price and it looks as if it was never worn. I hope the detail comes out in my pictures, but if not, I will describe this shirt to compensate. The top layer is a metallic plaid with a bit of damask in the backround; the colors are eggshell and almost- shiny silver. The layer underneath is a filmy organza in silk, with what looks to be an abstract version of a camo print. The back is a black and grey plaid, with no shimmer.  I am wearing  it over a simple black tee from a local boutique that is no longer in business.

My long necklace is made of of hundreds of black resin links, so many that it almost has a look of fringe about it. I love the texture of this piece and found it in the wholesale costume jewelry district. I think I forked over about seven dollars for this little eye full. Hurrah for the shopping coup! I do think this element adds weight, as well as texture to this top, that feels otherwise like an ethereal wisp of threads.  I am glad that I grounded the look with the weight, and contrast of the combat boot. Indeed, my title to this post is more wordplay than protest! I am enjoying my new mix of Luxe Grunge!

I wore this outfit last Wednesday when the temps were in the seventies!  What heavenly weather, and today as well, but a bit cooler- so now I can wear some of my more seasonal clothing! Hurrah! ( So long as it stays sunny and in the 60′s….!) Anyway, lovelies, have a wonderful week ahead!xx Elle signature

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Cognoscenti Couplet: Tweed and Luxurious Fur

 Happy middle week to my favorite readers!  Today  I want to focus on my favorite, classic combo: tweed and luxurious fur. There is something magical about this pairing, as though the intellectual, aristocratic- leaning tweed can be bent to luxurious form, by the silky, brazen quality of  natural fur.  

The above collage features a fur trimmed, tweed suit from Prodiga.com. I as so excited to have found this UK venue. It really is a well curated site that offers tasteful clothing, that is contemporary and rich, and not stuffy. I love the modern skater skirt rendered in tweed and trimmed in luxurious fur at the sleeves. Perfection.  Next is a real world compilation of tweed and luxurious fur that covers a broad range of prices.
The pictures above:
The first  pic is of me from a prior post wearing a mink trimmed tweed coat by Moschino over a Magaschoni silk dress. The middle top insert is of the tweed skater suit trimmed in fur from Prodiga.com. Next is an edgy and fun rendition from modaoperandi.com. Middle insert and bottom left are well priced tweed dresses from Lastcall.com by Neiman Marcus.  Tope them with a fur shrug or jacket, add some red soled pumps, and you are good to go!  The green fur cape on the right bottom is from Neiman Marcus priced at $1395. The bottom middle  photo is an ebay find in rabbit at $45.99. The tweed shoes can add a touch of this trend and comfy walking. They are Dr. Martens Beckett Boots in blue Harris tweed and can be found on ebay.com. for $345.00.

Below is a pic of the skater suit ( again, and because i LOVE it!)  and a cape from ebay for $129.00. The cape can go over leather skinnies, a tweed skirt, man tailored trousers, or denim tucked into boots. So versatile and luxurious, and priced right!

For those opposed to wearing fur there are a multitude of faux fur options in all price ranges. Now that fall weather is finally here, welcome the season with autumnal and bright hued tweeds and a dash of fur! Have a great few days.!

xx Elle signature

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Wearing Layered Leather: Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Greetings, my blogging friends. I hope this week is starting off gently!  Yesterday it  was lovely in New York, crisp sunny skies and around 70 degrees. I dressed in layered leather.elle in leather skirt and vest

This was a perfect day for a walk, so I chose burgundy red velvet ankle straps with chunky heels that steady my gait, and add a pop of color to my layered leather outfit, This was late afternoon, and I had plans to go out to dinner with my family later.Elle in leather vest and leather skirt

The outfit is very comfortable because everything fits so well. I bought my skirt on eBay by entering my waist size + skirt, and bought the only two that I loved, and this was one of them. Bonus: it was only $8.00!  My vest you have seen recently, paired with a pleated plaid skirt and floral tee. Now how different does it look today!
Such a versatile piece, the leather vest, and I bought this at Bloomingdale children’s  a while back.  My clutch was thifted for $3.00 and i hope to feature it with some other thrifted bags for a future post.Elle in leather vest and leather eBay skirt

By late afternoon, most of the street was in the shade, so I added a cream leather jacket for warmth and to take with me to dinner. I have a black leather jacket too, but decided I wanted the contrast of black and cream, and lord help me,  I am now thinking of oreos..black and white leather outfit worn by Ellemydailycostume.com Elle in layered leather

Looking back at these pics, I do like the two layers better than the three, because the black skirt and vest fit me so perfectly. The cream jacket is roomy, better with a heavier layer like a sweater, but I love where the pockets are. The skirt is Byrnes and Baker, the sunnies are Docle, and the velvet shoes are C.Label via Zulily.com
I hope where ever you are you too are enjoying some glorious weather and some happy occasions!xx Elle signature

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**** Dinner Party *****

  Happy Weekend Lovely Readers!


I am very happy to have a long weekend ahead to relax and see friends.  But I did not wait for the weekend for this.  Dressed in a vegan leather dress, I had a small dinner party at home, and really enjoyed great company, divine food and wine, and  a leisurely evening with my husband, son and four close friends.

leather derss and deco headband

Here is the table I set before the food came out. I rarely show pictures of my home, and thought it might be a nice change of pace. Above , the gilt mirror is from 1stdibs.com, and below the candelabras are from my mother who has been gone for 3 years now. Using them this evening was sentimental and a sweet homage to my beautiful mother.diningtable

I am wearing a vegan leather dress that is inset with strawberry panels of lace, and it fits well. Some strapless dresses do not feel properly constructed- this one is- so no fear of a wardrobe malfunction!  My deco inspired head band is from Ooh La La in Manhattan, they have alot of fun millinery and costume jewelry.

I am sorry that the indoor lighting was not ideal, some of these pics came out grainy,  but hubby was pretty busy helping me set up for me to complain about the lighting!  The dress is from Square One in Midtown Manhattan and cost only $22.00!  I was thrilled with the bargain, but also very happy with the fit, and the construction. Also when I am hosting a dinner party, I try to wear synthetics, in case something spills. The last thing I want while entertaining  is to worry about is ruining an expensive dress! This vegan leather dress was perfect.

There is better lighting in this picture here, and I am out of the way of the kitchen!

The company that made the dress is NIKIBIKI, and the feel of the vegan leather is soft and convincing..some I find, are shiny and smell bad! My clutch was thrifted for $3.00 and it will be seen again in better detail in a future post! The cost of the dress and bag was less than a single bottle of wine we served. Another cause of celebration.—– But the best part of the night, and why I look relaxed, is that my SON cooked the gourmet meal!
NO wonder I am such a happy hostess!
Have a wonderful long weekend!

xx Elle signature

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{Staying Warm} Fringed & Furry Cape

Hello my lovely readers!  I hope this Tuesday finds you in the start of a very good week. Yesterday I got dressed in a warm, furry cape as the mornings here are cool. I did some computer work and then headed outside. Before I did, I  looked at the dark skies looming through my windows, and decided to check the weather. A hurricane warning was in effect until 5 PM!!,  so I had my pictures taken indoors.  My furry cape:

I bought this cape almost three years ago in Barcelona. I fell in love with the melange of color, and the texture of the boucle. This versatle cape is laced with different woolen yarns and shot through with rabbit fur.  It goes with absolutely everything from a tweed skirt, leather skinnies and denim jeans of any variety. I wore it throughout my stay in Spain and continue to wear it often in early autumn. More shots:furry cape with Hermes kelly

furry cape and Hermes Kelly baf

You can see the yarn pretty well in the close up photo. I hope you can also see my lovely Hermes Kelly given to me by my beautiful sister years ago when I was very ill. I added the orange bag to give this otherwise monochromatic look a pop of color, and what better way, I ask you? MY skinnies are from the gap and are great everyday jeans. The gap cuts their denim so well!  My combat boots are Chelsea Crew via Zulily.com and I love them because they have a sturdy tread on the bottom and enough buckles (2) to be current, but not so many that I feel like a I going to combat any time soon! They also have a 2 inch heel which I value as a teeny-tiny person.

It is a funny coincidence that I am dressed in the same color scheme as my living room, especially since 3 posts ago I seemed to have coordinated my clothes to my co op lobby! I assure you I did not plan on either.

Had I worn this outside I would have added some elbow length gloves. OH well, next time!  I wish you a good week and shelter from the storm, if it passes your way.
xx Elle signature

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{Lady Like Love}- Burgundy Color Block Sheath + Leopard Bag

Happy Saturday Night, my dear blogging friends. I hope you are all out, and doing something besides reading this blog! ( you can get to it tomorrow!).  color block burgundy dress with Leopard bagToday I am wearing a burgundy herringbone tweed dress, blocked with black paneIs that I  purchased  at Square One, a midtown manhattan store  which carries trendy clothes at great prices. This only cost $12.00 and looks almost as a good as a recent Bergdorf Goodman purchase for a sum that , shall we say,  is not in the same stratosphere.  OK, the BG dress is made of wool,  carries a designer label, and the store is heaven…

Here is another photo where you can see the whole dress. I am sorry about the indoor lighting. The next posts will likely be indoors as my dad is ill and I am staying by the phone. The cut of the dress is form fitting, I would call it a sheath. I love it with my Leo bag from the yard sale!burgundy color block dress

My top stitched, calf skin gloves are a Bloomingdale’s
purchase from a few years back, and my Kenneth Cole ankle straps are from Nordstrom.com, who is kind enough to carry my size!  Here are some close ups of the dress which can give you a truer picture of the color and pattern of this color block sheath.

Gilli colorblock dress in burgundy herringbone and black

It seems I was somewhat inspired by a recent collage I did on Burgundy and Leopard. Here it is if you have missed it!:

Have a wonderful weekend, what is left of it!xx Elle signature

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Mad for Plaid, Leather and Flowers

Happy Mid Week my dear friends!   Today I am wearing a casual and young mash-up of many of the season’s top trends: leather, plaid, florals, and combat boots.  It is a departure form recent and more classic outfit posts.  I think I managed to hit most of the top trends for 2013!

My plaid skirt is Jacadi, an upscale children’s line, but I thrifted for $2.00! Generally these skirts go for about $120.00.  My leather vest is from the children’s department, too, from Bloomingdales, a few years ago.  Did I miss any top trends for 2013? More pics:

plaid skirt Jacadi

mad for plaid and leather

My floral tee is from Joe Fresh from their flagship store in Manhattan. I love the bold blues with the softer cornflower notes. Combat boots from 6PM.com.Joe Fresh floral tee

I really enjoyed wearing this colorful and impish look, but I will be posting more age appropriate looks soon.
I love my ladylike clothes, but I find it fun to change gears with my wardrobe. Do You also like to change your style, from time to time?
xx Elle signature

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Ebony, Ivory, and LEOPARD PRINT!

Hello Blogging Friends.  I hope the week has been kind to you.  Today I wore a classic ivory, and black ensemble, but added a bit of leopard print zest.

My skirt is vintage ( Sag Harbor Vintage shop) and has enameled buttons and it  fits me perfectly. The black jacket is made of panels of silk geogette and exposed seams and silk satin panels, with a double layered collar. I am sorry these details did not come through on the photos. The jacket came from consignment in NYC, and is Lanvin from 2011.
Elle in Lanvin satin lacket
My ankle strap pumps are from Nordstoms, and my leopard  print bag in velvet is from a yard sale, where I paid one whole dollar!

My red sunnies are Dolce and Gabbana. Now who here thinks I am color coordinated to my lobby? Oops! I swear it was not intentional!closeupebon

I know that my savvy readers know that leopard prints are hot, hot, hot!  So I do not feel inclined to do a shopping collage of where to find it. Clue: everywhere!  We can find the leopard print in classic brands and luxurious fabrics, and we can find some cool renditions in the cheaper mall stores. While I am wearing a classic outfit- black, white and leopard does look well in a punk chic look. You can see this in any fashion mag, but will you see it in baked goods? I ask you?ebonypunkcake

Yes! This little cake, loaded with frosting and attitude, hails from Cakeschoser.com. This trend: Good enough to eat!

xx Elle signature

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The Sleeveless Trench for Early Autumn

Hello Lovely Friends! I hope everyone is well. I am enjoying this changing season, and am posting today about another option to stay warm, but not too warm, for this early autumn season. My option: The Sleeveless Trench.Burberry Trench coat  mydailycostume.com

Today I am wearing a sleeveless trench coat, in the timely color of burgundy, and from the venerable house of BURBERRY. It is the perfect choice for this chilly day, where one side of the street is 12 degrees cooler than the sunnier side!  My white shirt is from Macys, and my jeans are Gap skinnnies. Here are some closer shots.burberry trench mydailycostume.com

 Below is a shot of the shoes from Zulily.com. They are very strappy and feature an ankle strap that is made of metallic leopard fabric stitched over the leather, a nice trendy update to an otherwise conservative update.
The cuff is also from Zulily.com, a favorite of mine. The calf hair bag is from Jacques Le Corre and was purchased at a Madison Avenue boutique. This designer freelanced for Chloe and Jil Sander then went out on his own doing very high end bags and hats. I love the shape and color of this bag. I also like grey with burgundy.

I hope everyone is well and happy! Thanks for reading !  What are YOU wearing for this Early Autumn weather?

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Fall Trend: Burgundy and Leopard

Hello Lovely Friends!  The fall season is taking shape with the runway trends trickling down to the stores and the streets, and we can see it: Burgundy- especially in leather- and leopard is the season’s darling couple!

The rich leather shift in burgundy leather is the season’s knockout dress. However, the one in my collage is a “leather look” panel dress on sale from Dorothy Perkins for $29.00. Pair it with leopard shoes and you have an extraordinary outfit. The fabulous pumps above are from Bergdorf Goodman and are capped with burgundy textured studs. They are from Christian Louboutin ( of course) and are priced at $895.00.  The leopard flats are from Neiman Marcus Last Call and are reduced to $125.00. The Burgundy tote is also from Berdorfs and is by Sophie Hume, priced at $925. The textured bag, upper right, is from Bluefly.com.  It is Fendi and is priced at $1336.50 discounted. The rich trio of eyeshadow is Nars, from Narsaccessoriess.com and priced at $45.00. Pretty gorgeous, right?

Above, and below, a closer look at these perfect fall accessories and a photo of the perfect bling- geode earrings from Gemco-designs.com. Below the earrings and the Fendi bag with the multi color studs and fur trim. These sumptous accessories make a bold statement with lush color and texture, this season’s signature good looks.

fendi fur bag mydailycostume.com
The burgundy in the crystal wine glass? That is for kicking off the season in style! Cheers!

xx Elle signature

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Burgundy Autumn: Layer In Shades of Merlot

Happy Weekend! I hope this weekend brings some happy occasions, some time to relax, and an opportunity to find and enjoy your autumm layers. One of my favs- a pashmina shawl in deep burgundy, trimmed in soft fox fur.

Where I live it has been quite warm in the daytime, but 25 or 30 degrees cooler at night. I love to have the right layering pieces for this weather. Although the leather jacket it is  “IT”  item in this category, it can be heavy to wear, as you are really wearing two layers, one in leather and one in the  (often synthetic)  lining. Also, there is the annoying “on and off”, with elbows twisted in taxi cabs and restaurant booths. This is why I love my pashmina shawls, and I am wearing one of my favorites in this photo- my deep burgundy one, trimmed in fox fur.  It is very light and yet very warn when I draw it close around my neck.  When it is warmer during the day I can just simply fold it over my arm, easy as (plum) pie.

I am also wearing a cashmere shell from Prada that is just a shade lighter than the shawl. I like the tonal look, and I can safely add other colors, as I did with my pointelle beret and matching fingerless gloves, in peach, from Forever 21. The leather and brass bracelet is from a small boutique on Columbus Avenue in Manhattan. Here is a close up photo where you can see these great gloves, and my vintage Hermes bag:

I am wearing jeans from Forever 21, and my black leather ankle strap pumps from Nine West, via Nordstrom. These shoes are actually comfortable!!shades

I can even tuck my pashmina shawl into my Hermes tote, for a simple streamlined look. I can wear the pashmina shawl off my shoulders when it is a bit cooler, and then draw it around my neck when the chill really sets in – so versatile!  This is one one my strategies for feeling comfortable in this transitional weather. The quick addition of the pashmina shawl, especially one that is fur trimmed, adds instant panache, as well as cozy warmth. The gloves and beret help too.

On a different note, I do hope that everyone had time to appreciate the relative safety our country has enjoyed since 9-11. it is so important that we all pay tribute to those who lost their lives protecting us, and those that serve today. It is a sad twinge that accompanies every September now; one that i used to associate only with back to school readiness, and the beautiful, yet brief burnishing of leaves.

Enjoy September my lovely friends!xx Elle signature

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**Red Cape Day**

        **Red Cape Day**

Hello Blogging Friends! I hope this perfect week has been kind to  you. While it is sad to see summer go, the lovely nip in the air, and the promises of rich, autumnal clothing do help to alleviate the “Good-bye Summer Blues”.elle in Zac Posen cape and Tocca Dress

Today I am wearing a Tocca dress that is embroidered with a “wall- paper stripe” design. It is hard to see, but the  red cape I am wearing, in felted cashmere, by Zac Posen, is also embroidered in a way that compliments the dress. The dress is a simple, sleeveless column dress that is perfect for the warm days. The added red cape and gloves adds warmth when the thermometer drops almost 20 degrees at night. redcape sit3
My burgundy bag is custom made from Italy with Pony hair and trimmed in snakeskin, I bought it years go in on eBay Italy. My crocodile pumps are from eBay, and the Cape is from RoundAbout, a high end designer re-sale shop in Manhattan. I am happy to report that my dress is also from Ebay, purchased shortly after I had seen it in Saks, at a great discount. I have had it this dress for years and its lovely design and quality workmanship continues to pay dividends to my wardrobe. This is truly the kind of dress one can own for years, even decades. I am sitting on a little bench in Manhattan that divides the Avenue where I live. redcapesit2

My topstitched gloves  are from Bloomingdales, sunglasses are Dolce and Gabbana,  and both were purchased years ago.

red cape

This cape also looks great with my new Paige jeans and my ankle strap heels, which you will soon see in an upcoming post. How do you add layers in these transitional weeks? Let me know in the comments section below and have a great few days!!xx Elle signature

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Circling Back: The New Round Bag

Am I the only one  who sees these lovely hard case bags, reminiscent of suitcases made for hats, and feels a desire to step back into time, or better yet, stay in the future and buy the modern day renditions by Marc Jacobs and Carven?  The new round bags: beautiful!

If you love the new round bag, the choices are plentiful: quilted leather, fur, color blocking, armed with charms, wooden, lizard and snakeskin, beaded and embroidered. The choice is yours. Here is a round-up  of of some of my favs:carven, marc jacobs, chanel round bags

The options here cost between $48 and $1599. Those who know me will not be too surprised that in the opening photo, I am wearing a leapord print, round bag that cost one dollar, at a yard sale. The skirt is H&M, the cashmere shell is Prada and the top stitched gloves are from Bloomindales a few years back. Yes, A dollar!
More details on some of these beauties pictured above and below:roundbags
1.DVF $445  at Forziere.com –  2.Carven $670 at SSENSE.com – 3.DOLCE & GABBANA from ProfileFashion.com priced at $540 –  4. Round bag with charms $49 from sevenserenity fashion via Etsy.com –  5.Chanel via Ebay $1599 or best offer-6. Marc by Marc Jacobs is 458 Euros via Railso.com.
Next are two unusual bags that are under the radar:round bags

1. wood laminate bag is eco-friendly as is priced at $448 from outofgray.com- 2. the orange bag is Reece Hudson and has just sold out..sorry!

The following pic is a bag visually similiar to mine. It is Dolce & Gabbana from Railso.con and it 845 Euros:dandgbag

The next bag is Alberta Ferretti, and I have featured it because it is so unusual and it is ON SALE!  From Farfetch this bag is now $540, marked down from $1360!:ALbertbag

I love this runway photo featuring a round bag from Marc Jacobs. It is from www.instyle.com.tr:

Now remember, not all of these bags will cost an arm and a leg. The round, pink bag in the “Coveting Round Bags” collage is from HSN, and it is priced at $48.00. You can also do what I did and try your luck with second hand stores, but I think these bags are beautiful enough to step up to the plate.

Note: the smaller inset on the round bag collage, with the Marc Jacobs bag is from Pinterest.  The larger inset is of me.

Have a great weekend!xx Elle signature


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Camo Trend: The Olive Puzzle

With talk of war in the news, and its euphemisms ( strikes, drones,  military responses)- Is it any wonder that the literal fabric of war has leapt into our wardrobe and accessory choices, as it pervades our consciousness?  As I am wearing it, I do wonder.ellecamo
I am wearing camo print jeans from T.J.Maxx, and my tee is older, from Barneys.  I love the way the black anchors this print, and do suggest that a camo print jean be styled with a black shirt, moto jacket, or for an interesting spin; with a tuxedo jacket, as shown here. Black buckled boots are a natural with this and can be simple, or more elaborate, with studs or mutli buckles A La Saint Laurent.  A simple leather shopper or tote completes this outfit and I am wearing one from Hermes.

The camo print is showing up virtually EVERYWHERE. A camo print jean like mine can be purchased at any department store, or big box retailer. Since this is a trendy item, i would try to shop this- do not over pay for  an olive drab flash in the pan.

This camo trend is quite pervasive. The designers have gone to town with this camo trend, rendering it in fur and bold colors, too, for those who are fatigued with fatigues. The pic below shows designs from Christopher Kane, Michael Kors, and Rebecca Minkoff and the photo hails from Accessoriesmagazine.com:
Also from Accessoriesmagazine.com is the camo trend featured by Whistles, Michael Kors, and LAMB:camo trend designers

Look for the Camo Trend to pop up in unexpected places. From Pinterest.comcamogirl

Want to be married in a Camo print dress? Never fear!camo print wedding dress

Above from niceweddinggallery.com.  Would it be my choice for a nice wedding? Hardly, but to each their own. Peace!

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Transition to Fall: Cut off Shorts + Combat Boots

So the work week is drawing to an end, and so.. ( SIGH)… is the summer season.  Do you stash your cut off shorts in the summer closet,  or can you wear them a while longer?

My answer, and this pertains to skirts too, is to keep them for a bit longer and accessorize with fall tweeds, a moto jacket, combat boots, and a scarf.  A cardi in a textured stitch is also great looking over a white tee.  Of course this assumes that the shorts or skirts are of sufficient weight and do not scream summer,  like seersucker or lightweight plaids.  Rest easy, your favorite cut off shorts can stay a while!

My whole outfit, except the boots and bag, is from American Eagle and I took advantage of a storewide sale of 40% off.  I love the needlework on my cut off shorts, and I like the way the combat boots contrasts with this feminine detail. My boots are from Payless and are really comfortable.  The bag is Cole Haan.

Another option is to add a cap or a hat,  barrowed from the boys. Mine is from Macy’s and has a glen plaid trim . A cute hat helps us stay warm as the temperatures dip, especially at nights, when that nip in the air says September is near.
A leather vest is also a good way to layer up your shorts for fall. The perennially perfect white shirt is another easy option.  Add a plaid, thermal tee, and stay on trend while summer draws to a close.

Happy Weekend!

xx Elle signature

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The Best Dressed Legs: Legwear Trends for 2013

Merry Monday Stylish Friends! Today’s post focuses on this year’s  selection of hosiery, tights, socks, and thigh-highs: it appears it is the most lively and creative ever to grace the glossy pages of fashion mags everywhere. Lets talk Legwear Trends!legopenr

Exciting new trends for this fall and winter season center on bold color, sleek design barrowed from the boys, ( houndstooth, plaid, brogues, and wool caps to name a few), but most of all, texture. We see alot of fur and leather. The leather is often perforated, braided, woven or laser cut, and the fur is always, lets say….furry. The bottom line? Texture is the common denominator for the season’s liveliest trends.
Legwear is no exception: we see hosiery with floral appliques, tights with pearl and crystals embedded, many versions of the classic fishnet, with perhaps the micro fishnet the most broadly appealing. We see legs adorned with stripes, ombre, florals, and op-art prints. It is a veritable feast of options!!
Lets take a closer look of these Legwear Trends for 2013:legwear trends for 2013 from Mydailycostume.com

The outer four pictures are from Accesoriesmagazine.com and these show this trend in an eye-popping way!
The middle pics, from top to bottom are: The classic Wolford fishnet paired with booties, my personal favorite, and featured in my opening collage that I designed. You can find them at Polyvore.com for $52.00. The next is clearly Missoni, with a rich heathery purple, and it fetches the sum of $165.00 from pret-a-beaute.com. The bottom middle is also Missoni in an ombre legging, and is $62.00 from Shopbop.com.
I did alot of research on this trend and discovered a great selection of very current designs from Sears!  Needless to say they are very well priced. Here is a photo summary; visit Sears.com for more, you will be as surprised as I was!searslegs
Do not forget the sock! It can be ruffly, patterned, or fishnet, too and adds a great layer to your wardrobe, and is especially good for this almost -fall season. The most lush design is from Alexander McQueen, and despite my diligence, I have yet to locate it in a retail outlet; so here is a photo from the runway, located at AlexanderMcQueen.com.alexmaclegs
This embellished leg attire is  opulently “Tough Lux” and therefore classic McQueen: it boldly pushes the envelope as it leads the way for other trendsetters. Legs, are you ready?xx Elle signature

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**Be your Best Self with All Natural Style**

Hello Lovely Friends! Today I am posting about projecting and maintaining your best, most authentic self.  These first shots will begin the story:elle in all natural boosts

I celebrated my 55th birthday on the 11th, and I must say I am happy and comfortable in my own skin.  I  am sometimes  told that I look younger than my years, and if I do, I would attribute that to some style secrets that I will share with you today. Why?
Select contributors to LuckyMag have been asked to share their chicest, yet seemingly effortless, head to toe looks, sharing their style tips and incorporating Seventh Generation Boosts as a foundation to natural beauty. My secrets?
To start, I think my youthful appearance is more about what I do NOT do, rather than what I do.  I wear very little make up, and in these shots, as in most of my shots for this blog, all I am wearing on my face is lipstick with sunscreen and some wax on my eyebrows for definition.  Of course now I also wear my Seventh Generation Boosts and nothing else on my face.  I use the cheapest washcloths that I can find, because they are roughly textured, and that is how I exfoliate my skin. Purified water, and my washcloth is my secret and Nothing Else-  not even soap, which irritates my sensitive skin. Good genes do play a role, too. I also avoid chemicals in my shampoo, facial products, cleaning products, laundry detergents ( Seventh Generation, also) as well as in my diet.
I am pleased to tell you that as a contributor to LuckyMag I received a free sample of this product from Lucky and Seventh Generation for use in connection with this blog. This is both a disclosure and a happy statement of fact!  My sample of Seventh Generation Boosts, in the soothing formula, has been a much appreciated and wonderful thing for my skin!  This product has a special a carrier oil system made of a blend of apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, and grapeseed oil. It is fast absorbing and non-greasy, and these ingredients are all natural. It does NOT contain parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances and this plant based serum has active natural ingredients that are great for your skin. This all natural product creates  a smooth and soothing difference you can feel and see!  You can also use this product around your eyes, and that is unusual for a facial product,  and I use it , too, on my elbows which can be a bit roughly textured.  It is my newest style secret!
Here is a photo of the product I received;  I added the rose from my recent birthday bouquet!:boosts serum

Additionally, these products are not tested on animals, and they are gluten free and vegan!  I have an autoimmune disease, so these features appeal to my very real health concerns and to my conscience. This really is a product I can happily endorse, without any reservations. ( or I would not do so).  Additional style secrets include the bare basics: lots of water, and plenty of sleep!!
Now, back to the first picture: I am wearing a silk satin A-line dress . Perhaps this is not the first dress one would think of  for an “All Natural Style”  themed blog post.  Silk, however, is very much a natural fiber and highly prized for its luxurious sheen and ability to absorb colors with unrivaled beauty.   This was purchased at a consignment store, and I think it was custom made as it has no label, has boning, and fits my tiny frame. Shopping trifecta!  The sweater is J.Crew, and I love the feel of the soft merino wool as well as the subtle animal print.  The sweater is also from the consignment store: I think buying this way is a good way to recycle!  The crocodile bag is vintage Hermes, is an heirloom, and I treasure it. The shoes are from Modnique. Everything I am wearing is natural, including my  happy birthday smile!!
Here is another shot, in it I am wearing a thrifted silk dress – $8.00!-,  sunnies from Max Mara, a bracelet from Jennifer Miller In East Hampton, and sandals from Cole Haan:elle in silk print dress

My other  #AllNaturalStyleSecrets
When I wash my hair I let it air dry, and the wear it in a lose chignon at the nape of my neck. Two hours later I have the gentle wave that you see here!  No muss, no fuss, no products!  I do this at night, and I use my Seventh Generation Boosts at night also. My other beauty and style secrets are ones you probably have garnered: I avoid the sun and wear a good sunscreen for the limited amounts of time I am outdoors. I also am active!  Another tip for chic, effortless style:  When I choose an outfit, I often choose a dress, in that way I am  dressed in less time that it took to write this sentence!  Lipstick goes on in the elevator, and I finger comb my curls then, too. I am up and out the door in about three to four minutes!

You should try this serum, it comes in many variations depending on your own unique skin needs. I have been using the soothing boost with oat extract for a week, and I have noticed a subtle glow to my skin that I love. Seventh Generation Boosts are available exclusively at Walgreens  for $14.99 per bottle, which if you use one pump per day, will last you almost one year!

Today, I added more photos. I was about to submit this post but woke up and noticed brighter skin. I had my hubby take some indoor shots because it was sprinkling here. I am wearing a green silk embroidered sheath, if you look closely there are palm trees!  I am also wearing a vintage gold necklace that I chose for its organic shape, and my “anti-gravity” easy spirit shoes, plus my vintage crocodile Hermes bag.usegreen

I love this dress because it also comes with a matching lightweight coat, which is perfect for this rapidly changing season.use2greens
In this next shot, ( thank you, patient husband), I am wearing a printed silk sheath by Magaschoni: I love the way it’s earthy print is adorned with large mother of pearl, square sequins. Topping the sheath is a nubby silk, cotton, and wool jacket by Moschino. These natural fibers feel good on and keep you warm without making you uncomfortable…plus, I do love these two designers for pure style.usemandm
For more information, visit their site, you can even print a coupon!usebox

To be your best, most authentic self, find your own effortless style and carry yourself with pride. Use natural products, eat mindfully, and be happy each and every day for the precious gift of life.
lucky challenge #all natural style secrets

xx all natural style

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Sophisticated Children’s Clothes for Petite Women

Merry Monday Lovelies! ( OK, I know there is nothing very merry about Monday, but a girl has got to try to be upbeat!)  As a tiny 5’2″ woman, with a size 2&1/2 children’s foot,  I have had to come up with creative solutions for buying clothes that fit.  I want to discuss an option for others like me, of buying some very grown up children’s clothes:
In this shot and the one below I am wearing a beautifully made navy eyelet dress with pleated grosgrain ribbon. To my trained eye it hints at nothing juvenile, and feels like an easy chemise with pockets. The details are high quality dress making details that one would expect in a very expensive dress. I found this at Lord and Taylor two years ago, in the children’s department. I was thrilled to buy it on sale for about $25.00.  It  fits perfectly, even in the shoulders which are very narrow! The length, too, is perfect.:
I am also wearing sandals from Cole Haan ( ladies, size 5) and a gold necklace I made years ago. The bracelet is from Jennifer Miller in East Hampton.
Did you know how many designers are catering to the upscale children’s market? Chloe, Gucci, Juicy, John Galliano, Fendi, are all designing very sophisticated children’s clothes. In Manhattan, where I live there are some very upscale boutiques that feature beautifully made clothes. Many of the designs are too “girl-like”, but when you find one that is not, it is wonderful. My favorites are Jacadi and Bonpoint, and In East Hampton, there is also Bonne Nuit. All of these stores are expensive, but do have good sales.
I put together some shopping options to give you an idea of what is out there. I left out obvious ones like Gap Kids, which is a great resource for we wee ones. Make sure to check these sites out for sales, too!
Here are my suggestions:childcol

1- Stripe top from Stella McCartney $139.00 via TuesdaysChild.com. 2- Burberry skirt from eBay currently trading at $29.99 with a BIN for $69.99. 3- John Galliano knitted hat from TuesdaysChild.com is $65.90. 4- Tulle skirt from Clover via TuesdaysChild.com is $235.90. 5- Camo jacket from AbercrombieKids is $49.95.  6- print dress is YoungVersace via TeusdaysChild.com is $469.  7- super skinnes from AbercrombieKids is $50.00.  8- Annabel shine plaid shirt from AbercrombieKids is 49.95.  9- Over the knee suede boots are $40.91 from Tradingbear.com
Buying casual clothes is fairly easy; size 1 and 3 junior denim runs very small. It is the dressier, more sophisticated children’s clothes that can be challenging. Having a good tailor is a great help, then one can buy clothes for women in size 0 or 2 and have them fitted. This option can be pricey and time consuming. I use all of the above strategies. So please share with me, my fellow pint size readers ( I now you are out there!).. Where do you shop for your smaller sized clothing?

xx Elle signature

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Celebrating my 55th: My Chocolate Birthday Shoe & Reader Thank You!

Hello Lovely friends and readers! I just celebrated my 55th birthday and thought I would share my favorite gift:

What do you give a girl who has (almost) everything?  My thoughtful friend got me this, knowing that my two favorite things in life are shoes and chocolates. ( OK, jewelry should be there, too, and books). This is a coated paper shoe filled with delicious chocolates. They went down easy, with champagne no less, and did not pinch my feet. They are from the Bissinger’s Confectionista Collection, and are a great gift!  Also for my birthday a gift of roses, wine and a gorgeous knitted Missoni scarf that will surely make it on a post.:

Pics of ( some of the) lovely gifts on my 55th Birthday:birthday gift for Elle

Here is a pic of my divine chocolate cake that I took home from dinner out, as I was too full to eat it. It was de-lish for lunch the next day!
For younger people fretting about getting older ( most of my readership is much younger than I)- fear not. Life actually gets smoother and richer as the years pass . Yes our appearance changes, but our perspective becomes rounder so that everything fits in nicely. All of our life experiences that culminate in who we are, become focused and clearly beautiful.  The realization dawns that life is a fluid thing: that  just as we are getting to know ourselves,  we are becoming who we will be.
It is nice to take the oppotuntiry to thank our loved ones, which I did on my  55th birthday.  But I also want to thank you, my readers. I started this blog about 4 months ago, when I thought an Apple was a fruit, and  a Mac was a sandwich. A wordpress template- Oh NO! But, I did figure it out ( Thanks Dea). I have readers from all over the world who follow me and i follow them, too. It is fun to see that Style, the way we express ourselves to the world, is so universal.
I have almost 10,000 page views, and I would love to take this time to say Thank You for  providing me with such good company here on My Daily Costume.

A photo of the happy birthday girl!:

xx Elle signature

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{Warm + Cool}: Transition to Fall with the Mesh Panel Jacket

Happy Mid Weekend ! I hope you are enjoying.  I have noticed a trend that incorporates mesh panels into otherwise basic attire, and thought that it added a nice mixed media effect. Wearing my Cals mesh panel blazer today taught me that this jacket delivers more than good looks!mesh paneled jacket

A twill or leather jacket with a mesh sleeve or back provides a warm layer, but also lets the fabric breathe. In this transitional weather pattern, I find the jacket that I am wearing ideal. This particular blazer has mesh panel sleeves.  I am wearing it with a pair of jeans from a mid-town boutigue that cost only $18.00, and the gold necklace is a gift from my hubby. My shoes are so comfy, from Easy Sprirt. I love glamourous heels, but for city walking and general comfort, these shoes are great. The sunglasses are Max Mara.  The Hammered gold cuff is from Modnique. Here are additional photos:mesh paneled jacket

blazer with mesh panels

blazer with mesh panel

Like the look of the mesh panel jacket?  Here are some shopping options:jackets wiht mesh from nasty Gal and rag and Bone

From top to bottom, and left to right: Alexander wang top of mesh and twill from Outnet, priced at $214.02 from $595.00. ( Yay, A sale!). From Nina Ricci, a mesh panel jacket via Matchesfashion.com is priced at $675.00, reduced from $2,317.00. Am I saving you money or what? The peach jacket is from Rag and Bone via Neiman Marcus and is priced at $535.00. Lastly, the all mesh  “Play Nice” bomber is a cute look from NastyGal.com -priced at $48.00.
Enjoy the last bits of the weekend!xx Elle signature

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Layer It: Add a Jacket in Eyelet or Lace

Hello Friends!  Are you noticing that those long summer nights are getting shorter and chillier? This is the time to make sure you have the perfect layering items in your wardrobe.eyelet coat

There are many good options for layering for this finicky weather. A denim jacket, poplin raincoat, and cabled sweater are all wardrobe must haves for this purpose.  Today, however, I am featuring a lightweight eyelet or lace jacket, which adds texture and a bit of warmth. I am pictured here in my thrifted white dress and a black eyelet jacket from TopShop that I bought in Barcelona almost four years ago. I love this coat because it is light and goes with absolutely everything from jeans to dressier looks. I am also wearing Prada sandals and a textured gold bracelet from Modnique. The sunnies are D&G.
Like the look? Here are some shopping options:lace and eyelet coats from Giabattista Valli and Milly

From left to right, and top to bottom: A silk eyelet jacket from Giabattista Valli via MarissaCollections.com is priced at $3275.00. The Karen Millen Lace coat is from revolveclothing.com, please check their website for current price.
The third is a coat from Milly via Milly.com and also sighted at Bergdorf Goodman on line, it is $347.00 and I think it is beautiful.  A great budget option is the blazer from Fun Daisy Fashion via Amazon.com and is priced gently at $29.99. Lastly, there is a boxier eyelet jacket from Vermont Country Store at $48.00.
So ladies, what do you wear when you start to feel the chill of the coming autumn?
Have a great weekend!xx Elle signature

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What is UP- (WAY UP) with Clothing Prices ???

You May recall an earlier post of mine that reported Slimane’s $68,000 dress for Saint Laurent. My post was a snarky, tongue- in- cheek illustration of what one could truly buy for $68,000.00 ( houses, boats, land!). In that post I compared some dresses that looked much like the infamous one featured.  I found a  $12.00 dress recently on Ebay, and had to follow up: In this following photo I am pictured wearing a similar dress to the one from Saint Laurent:saint laurent's $68,000 drss

(Photo source of Saint Laurent dress is from the NY Post, and I added my dress next to it, it is obviously not part of the picture.)  Of course this dress is not exactly like the designer’s pricey number, but it is well made and does have some design features in common. While I purchased this on eBay  I do imagine H&M or Forever 21 will be doing some similar, trendy frocks. The price differential is staggering!  Slimane also did a smoking- type jacket in an animal print with sequins that is 80% polyester. The fashionspot.com reported that this jacket, which is pictured right on my Pinterest favs, was on the label’s British website for the equivalent of $61,000 USD.

With the gap between rich and poor reaching record levels and increasing social discord predicted as a consequence, one wonders what on earth is going on with the price of luxury goods. It does seem to be an irksome but effective marketing campaign for Mr. Slimane for  Saint Laurent ( no more Yves…) This is an extreme example of this worrisome trend, but it is not an isolated one.  British designer Debbie Wingham has designed an eye-popping dress that is valued at $17.7 million little greenbacks. Please note that this was not created to be sold, and includes a fancy red diamond as well and black and white ones, set in platinum. Here is a photo of this staggeringly priced caftan from debbiewingham.com:$17.7 million dollar dress

From Today.com is a close-up of this dress that shows the rare red diamond:diamond dress costing $17.7 million

Another one of Debbie Wingham’s creations, created to sell,  boasts fifty, two carat black diamonds. A black diamond dress? From dailymail.co.uk:diamond dress

The cost of this diamond gown is $5,350,100.00 and it took over 6 months to craft.

Now that brings us to the price of shoes. Lets discuss a pair of crocodile boots from Gucci  priced at 13,410 British Pounds. That is $29,498.53. AND this was last year.  I do wonder what these would cost this year? There are many pairs of shoes and boots that run from 1,500.00 to $6,500.00 and they, sadly, are too numerous to mention, and they are in leather with perhaps a few man-made stones thrown in. Stuart Weitzman, however, did a jeweled pump with the real thing; his tanzanite, platinum and diamond sandals are a cool 2 million. Photo and information from theworldmostexpensive.blogspot.com:tanzanite and diamond sandal is one of the most expensive shoes

Now, do you think the denim jean will be spared this outrageous trend? UM..NO!  Secret Circus has designed a pair of jeans with diamonds stitched into the pockets pictured here. (Photo source: Vashion.info)
These are priced at $1.3 million:diamond studded jeans

I am trying rather desperately to summon an explanation that makes sense of all of these staggering price tags. I had a difficult time making sense of Saint Laurent’s $70,000 dress.  Tina, from ohhappychartreuse.wordpress.com , said it best with her comment on my blog titled  The $68,000 Dress: The $68,000 Dress??

“(This) post highlights how overpriced and elitist some designers can be! I am all for quality-made garments and am willing to pay extra cash for them, but there comes a point in time when a price tag is no longer related to craftsmanship but social exclusion. The point this designer seems to be making is that he is only interested in outfitting the upper echelons of society. In my opinion, there are better ways to express your unique sense of fashion.”

But now we are considering a dress that cost upwards of $17 million dollars. One could build about 1300 schools in Africa for that sum. I hate to use one dress and draw sweeping conclusions…but add to that  Wingham’s other diamond dresses, a pair of 2 million dollar shoes and diamond studded denim? There is a trend here, and sadly the few items that I show here- is just the shiny tip of the golden iceberg.

xx Elle signature

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Cover Up!: The Summer Tunic

tunic cover up

Hello Summer Friends!
Summer always presents a style dilemma concerning what we wear to cover up at the beach or poolside. Finding the perfect tunic can be challenging. It is nice to find a tunic that we can wear to the beach, but can also look great with our favorite skinny jeans, or as a dress- with a slip underneath.
I found this silk tunic with golden embroidery and sequins for $4.00 at a thrift store in East Hampton. I was pleased to say the least. I love this shade of turquoise, it reminds me of the sea and looks good against my skin, which varies from very pale and sort of pink,  to sun deprived ivory. I think this color looks good on anyone: olive, pink and cocoa skin shades are complimented with the summer shade.
Like the look? Here are some shopping suggestions:beach tunic

From top to bottom and left to right: An Old Navy tunic via eBay currently trading at $10.00. A turquoise tunic from Indiavogue.com for $200.00. The iconic Pucci tunic from My Theresa at the pricey sum of $670.00, and two shades of summer cool from soft surroundings for $44.95. Or you can do as I did and scout your local consignment stores and thrift stores.
Another way to save some cash is to make your own necklaces. If you can thread a needle, you can make a necklace. It is a great DIY project and the savings are substantial. Here is a pic of the necklaces I am wearing that I made a few years back:jewelrytunic.pne

Are you hitting the August summer slump? Find something in aqua to brighten your moods and take the color of the ocean with you year-round. If that is not enough, buy some sparking gemstone beads and string yourself some new necklaces to wear poolside. Catch some summer sparkle and love your August!xx Elle signature

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Summer Weekend in Silk Eyelet!

silk eyelet dress from mydailycostume.com

Hello Summer girls!  As August fast approaches, sigh, I am posting my last white dress (Promise!).
Last weekend I wore an ivory, almost- white silk eyelet dress. I got it from a consignment store and it is Max Mara. I got it seriously discounted because it was missing a single button. The fabric and workmanship is impeccable and I will show you a close-up to illustrate this as best I can. It is such a nice luxury to have handworked details in our apparel, and this silk was light and felt light the softest layer of velvet on my skin. Here is the close-up view of the silk eyelet dress:

The handbag is a pastoral scene that was handpainted on silk, too, and and seemed a good complement to this detailed but monochromatic look. I got this bag at Second Time Around in Sag Harbor, which is a consignment store that overlooks the historic wharf of the Hampton’s sleepiest village.
It was so nice to be outside when the breeze came to life, as the sun was pretty hot. Here is the full picture of me outside. Do I look meloncholic ( because it is almost August.. or do I look hungry??? hint- it is almost dinner time):silk eyelet dress in East Hampton

If you are in the New York area you should plan a visit to the Hamptons. It is not at all what it seems like in the media. If you avoid certain hotspots and eat out at the very uncool hour of say, 6:30, you should have a pretty normal dining experience. I ate a bit later that weekend and saw Billy Joel, but no one made a fuss. This is a full time community and not just a resort, so there is a nice mix of people and things to do. The terrain is spectacular, and you can enjoy both bay and ocean beaches, and well as beautiful wooded areas and small lakes. The beaches are spectacular and relatively quiet. The nightlife is hopping, or so I hear from my children.
So I guess I am advocating for several things here: travel to the Hamptons ( but avoid August if you can) wearing silk in the summer, it is cooler than you might think, and to check out the many consignment stores while here- as well as the thrift stores. Amazing bargains await, as well as the fabled ocean breezes.xx Elle signature

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{White on White} + {A Bit of Hardware}

white on white with white tunicHappy end of weekend!!  I hope you had a wonderful, sunny  reprieve. Saturday I was out on the tip of Long Island, enjoying some fresh air and perfect weather. I choose to wear white on white.  What else? In this sea of blue, here in the Hamptons, the happy beach folk are cloaked in white on white. I added a dash of hardware to make this look a bit more interesting:white on white tunic with studs

The white gauze skirt was purchased at a small Manhattan boutique that has since closed…sigh.. The tunic is Banana Republic and was thrifted for $6.00. The shoes are Payless, and the lattice pattern bracelet is from Jennifer Miller in East Hampton ( and was a gift!).
If you like this look, I have compiled some shopping options:white on white tunics with grommets and studs

The prices and sources for the above are – left to right and top to bottom:
Rebecca taylor dress at Revovleclothing.com for $350.00, Alfani tunic priced at $39.99 on eBay, tunic with grommets from eBay for $13.25, G.I.L.I. tunic from QVC for $59.15, and a studded LIZ tunic from eBay for $21.95.
So go for the White on White! Choose a piece with texture to add some interest. Add an embellished piece to your simple white jeans or boho skirt. Styling Tip: If you wear an embellished tunic, do not add a necklace.. If you wear earrings, keep them simple too, like a hoop or diamond huggie.
Stay Cool in White on White!xx Elle signature

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The Lightest White Dresses: Breezy Gauze and Lace

Elle in white gauze dress and Prada shoes

Hello everyone! I hope you are enduring the heat, and I sincerely hope that some of you in better climates are cool and content. Where I am, it has been in the nineties, both the temperature and the humidity, and it has been quite unpleasant. ( A bit like wandering around in a bowl of chicken soup.) While, of course, there are much more serious things to upset one given the week’s news, the oppressive weather does seem to take its toll. I am wearing the whitest, lightest dress in my wardrobe to help combat heat fatigue. White dresses are the best thing to wear in weather like this:white dresses mydailycostume.com

I am also carrying a shawl for when I go into air conditioned places. The shawl is silk and was a gift from a dear friend. The fedora keeps the sun off of my face and helps protect my skin. Here are additional photos:white dresses and shawl white dresse and shawl

The shoes are Prada and were expensive, but were hugely discounted! Sometimes it pays to have tiny feet! The gaze and lace dress was thrifted for $12.00! The sunglasses are Max Mara. I am wearing so many white dresses this week, and it seems that where I am everyone is wearing white to beat the heat.
White dresses, especially in a sundress style, are the most comfortable thing to wear now. White gauze is the lightest, best fabric for the dog days ahead…
xx Elle signature

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Trend: The Grecian Draped Dress

Hello Lovelies! Is the summer heat making you GO GRECIAN? Try this draped dress trend for a cool look.

draped dress

draped dress From All Saints, grecian dress

My Grecian draped dress shown here is All Saints, via eBay and was purchased 2 years ago for $15.00. It had no hanger appeal in the store, and didn’t photograph well on eBay either..hence my wonderful bargain. It took me a while, too, to figure out how to put it on. I suppose this either speaks to the design of the dress, which looks good when on, or to my ever declining spatial ability as an almost, senior- citizen. Either way…once it is on, I am very happy in my draped dress.
Here is a photo of the label. I am including it because I really like this London based line: it is contemporary, somewhat off the radar, and is very well done. Also this pic includes of the jewelry I was wearing, the ruby ring is handmade and the “bird-in-flight” motif always makes me smile. In this heat, I will take anything that improves my mood.all saints dress and ruby ring

So please try this trend, the draping effect is flattering, and most styles are loose and comfortable for this balmy weahter. Do you have the draped dress staple in your wardrobe? If you don’t try it: Go Grecian!xx Elle signature

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The Timeless Appeal of Macrame & the Iconic Hermes Kelly Bag

Macrame and  The Hermes Kelly:  Timeless, Enduring Appeal
Hello readers! Happy, back-to-the-mill Monday. Today’s post will feature  a macrame dress , and it is pairing with an Hermes Kelly Bag, another iconic, timeless classic:Hermes Kelly and Macrame dress

{ Original collage, and original smaller photos, pic of macrame on mannequin is from TamaraMaynes-latest.blogspot.com}

Today I am wearing a macrame dress, that is intended as a beach cover-up, but I wore it with a slip. The dress came from TJ Maxx and was roughly twenty dollars. With the slip it is totally transformed. Did you know that the art of macrame dates back to the 13th century and was adopted by the court of Queen Mary in the 17th century? Macrame is an old technique, and is really the modern art of decorating with knots. It has come along way since it was used by fisherman!
I am also wearing a pair of tobacco suede platforms with rope detail, incorporating this trend. And I have added a marron ( brown- think Hersheys!)  box-calf, vintage Kelly bag from the late 1960′s.
I have mentioned other Hermes Bags in prior posts,  but am reiterating the way it has climbed in value; such that it is now worth at least 4 times what I paid for it about 6-7 years ago.  Buying a vintage Kelly in good condition has been a great investment for me. The bag is box calf, and it is well know among afficionados that this particular leather wears beautifully over time, with age adding to its patina and suppleness.
I am also wearing my ubiquitous fedora and red Dolce and Gabbana sunnies. This pic was taken in the height of mid-day sun, so i apologize for the shadows, but the sun is the sun! Here are the photos of the entire outfit:

hermes kelly and macrame
hermes kelly bag and macrame dressvintage hermes kelly and macrame dress
Visually similiar dresses can be had: Here is this example from J.Crew, just under $500.00;j.crew macrame dress

This can be purchased at Net-A-Porter.Com, or maybe you can try your luck at TJ Maxx, like I did? These dresses can be costly, so do look in the beach cover-up section of stores, and add a slip, unless you are at the beach- as it does make a great cover-up too! This time of year you may well score a bargain, and this look is truly classic!

I hope everyone is staying cool!xx Elle signature


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#Flavorfy- Intensify your wardrobe with Dasani Drops Color!

De-Lish your Summer Water with Dasani Drops!

dasaani drop and costume yellow dress

Hello Readers! Today’s post is inspired by Dasani Drops; zero calorie, flavor enhancing  drops that taste GREAT,  and therefore has affiliate links and sponsored content. As part of the LuckyMag community, I am taking up the challenge of posting outfit pics, inspired by their six, lip-smaking flavors. Dasani Drops come in a small, flip- top container that is portable, so you can flavorfy your water on the go. This is a great way to enjoy water and stay hydrated this summer, which has been blazingly hot.  Dasani Drops in pink lemonade by the pool… Ahhhh.. Dansani Drops in mixed berry, while sitting in car waiting for the AC to crank up…HEAVEN.  I could go on and on…but I won’t. Here are my outfit choices drenched in the many colors of Dasani Drops.

The pic of my Costume National dress – all by itself- inspired by the pineapple-coconut flavor of Dasani Drops:yellow costume national dress- dasani Drops

This dress is inspired by the mixed berry flavor and is the co-mingled brainchild of Couture and Fruity Delicousness:elleawuse

mixed berry- Dasani Drops

mixed berry- Dasani Drops

In this pic I am wearing a skirt that is a mix of  two flavors- pink lemonade and mixed berry…YUM..pinkskirt

By the way, this skirt was thrifted for $4.00, and the proceeds  from that sale went to victims of domestic abuse!
This next pic features an outfit inspired by the flavor cherry pomegranate  and it too was thrfited for $12.00, with the proceeds going to the aforementioned charity!:dasani drops inspired dress

Dasani Drops dress

This next dress is a combination of strawberry- kiwi and grape: give a girl her mixology skills!
Adding to that is a bit of Missoni zig zag. Now that is an eyeful.:missoni dress- dasani drops

Visit Dasani Drops on Facebook!:
Now I am closing with some very happy pictures in my pineapple-coconut inspired outfit!
Dasani Drops Delicious!:
pink lemonade collage; dasani drops, mydailycostume

xx Elle signature

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True Blue Shoes: A Selection of Beautiful Blue Shoes

I imagine your mind set is weary after enjoying the long weekend, and having to get back to the daily grind SO I am going to cheer you up with my selection of blue shoes! During my Fourth of July post I was researching good red, white, and blue outfits and came across so many good choices of blue shoes to wear, that  I decided they merited their own post. First, from Last Call by Neiman Marcus:

True Blue Shoes from via spiga and charles jourdan
The prices of these lovely blues are- from left to right, and top to bottom- as follows:
$94.50, $66.00, $92.50,  $35.00, and $47.60. These prices are discounted from their original prices and include some top brands, like Charles Jourdan and Via Spiga.
From 6PM, here is a variety of great blue shoes, also discounted:blue shoes with platforms and strappy styles

The prices for these, again left to right, and top to bottom, are:
$59.99, $17.76, $34.65, $29.99, $34.65, $28.99. Great prices for some stylish blue shoes!

Now for the pampered feet, some lux blue shoes that will surely turn heads:luxury blue shoes featuring christian Louboutin

The blue shoes with swavoraski crstyals have recently sold out from Nordstrom, but you can call them if you must have them and see if they can “reappear”. The embellished shoes with blue soles, are part of Christian Louboutin’s wedding line. Contact the company directly for price and availability. The navy Lanvin shoe is a Pinterest find. These blue shoes will be a bit harder to track down, so I hope I inspire you but don’t tempt you, too, too much.
Viva the true blue shoe! Dont these blue shoes rock?

Which is your favorite?

xx Elle signature

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Torn: City Verses Country


Hello Readers!  A few days ago as I was readying myself for a long weekend away for the  holiday, I was feeling a bit melanchonic  and travel weary: City  Verses Country- hmm.  I have been back and forth, from city to country, for many months, and while I so enjoy and appreciate the luxury…sometimes I do feel uprooted.  I am a homebody at heart:torn: city chic verses country peace

This particular day I was watching videos of our family  and seeing my children from twenty years ago was such a bittersweet experience. Also, I have lost many family members recently and seeing them alive and well on my television set did send a jolt of happiness, with a heavy, forelorn chaser.
I am posting this pic of me taken the same day of my Fourth of July post, so you may recognize the Celine bag, 6PM shoes, Joe Fresh shorts, and fedora. It was a bit later so I wore a vintage silk Celine print shirt, and I also wore my Dolce and Gabbana shades. I think you will agree the photo delivers a completely different vibe:
Elle in Celine and red white and blue

The mis-matched outfit ( which i think works- i love to add some edge by a bit of clash)  most certainly reflects my inner mood. The photo came out faded, and I could have fixed that, but again, it reflected my mood of feeling a bit less of myself. This makes me wonder, too, what subconscious elements are at play when we choose our daily outfits.
So I am going to pose that question to you, dear readers, and i look forward to your responses.

Now, no worries, I am happily settled in the country. The Long Island sun is shining, the beaches and bays are pristine and my adult children and hubby are having a great time; so all is well. Still, I hope you will respond to the question above? How does your mood affect your choice of outfits?:

 xx Elle signature

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Commemorate ! July Fourth Weekend

Hello Summer Girls!  Are you wondering what the fuss is with the Fourth? A bit of history, after my shopping suggestions for the July Fourth Weekend from Last Call, by Neiman Marcus. First things, first!

red white abd blue outfits for the fourth of jult

Romeo and Juliet dress $34.50, Missoni handbag on sale for $397.50, white jeans from MKORS for $47.40- check them out, they are a summer must have, french connection stripe tee- $23.50, Blue shoes $139.90. Earrings -$69.90. So now GO Style your July Fourth weekend!

Now this history part: I see you rolling your eyes, but this is just one quote so you can do it, I know you can. John Adams said on July 3, 1776 that the “occassion should be commemorated with Pomp, Parade, with Shews ( no not shoes, but that works, too), Games, Sports, Bells ( that we can forego, IMHO), Bonfires and Illuminations from one end of the continent to the other, from this time forward, forever.. (Oh and the occasion is the signing of the Declaration of Independence.)

Now if that doesn”t pretty much define Party, I do not know what does!
In the spirit of the coming July Fourth Weekend, I am wearing red, white and blue, and I will admit this is not my favorite color scheme, unless it is my go to- white jeans and navy and white stripe tee.. But A for effort, if not effect:
I am wearing print shorts from Joe Fresh, a stripe tee from D.J. Hart in Southhampton, my straw fedora, and red sandals from 6pm, and my yellow Celine bag:
fourth of july outfit

red white and blue outfit
stripe hat and fedora for fourth of July

Now here is my favorite Red, White, and Blue outfit. It is from Babble.com:
cutest, red, white, and blue outfit

So enjoy your holiday (responsibly!). Signing out, XX,Happy Fourth!!:fourth of July outfit

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—–A+ for the A-Line Dress——

Hello Summer Lovelies! Today I am featuring the  A-Line and modified A-Line dress that is a welcomed change from constricting bodycon dresses:

A-Line Dresses for 2103

I don’t know about you, but I think it is a nice change to be wearing a full skirted dress after a few seasons of manuevering a gracious walk in a pencil skirt, or bodycon dress.
Today I am wearing an A-Line dress from eBay , with a lively print. The label is cut but it is silk and feels fab! The chain embellished pumps are Prada and the bag hails from Paris, 12 Rue Cambon, down the street from Chanel and where Coco Chanel once lived:
 A-line dress

print A-Line dress

 A-Line dress with vintage bag

These dresses feel ladylike and a bit “Southern Belle”, but SO comfortable without having the pencil silhouette
clinging to your form. Want One? Here are some suggestions. The first is gorgeous , but pricey from Oscar De La Renta, Via Bergdorf Goodman, and priced at $7290.00:A-Line dress, Oscar De La Rents

This dress is from Pink Tartan Via Saks and is priced at $170.00:A-Line dress

This sweet dress is Ted Baker London Via Nordstrom and is priced at $177.00:A-Line dress

The eminently talented Prabal Garung designed this for Target and this is priced gently at $84.95:A-Line Dress

This last dress is from Dorothy Perkins and is less than $60.00:A-Line stripe dress

While you are packing your cotton tunics and bikinis for your Fourth of July festivities, I wanted to remind you
of this great dress silhoutte, that looks “ladylike formal”, but is “blue- jean comfy”.

SWISH SWISH. Bring on the Full Skirt! Happy Weekend!xx

-credit for sketch that i used in the collage goes to Kellylynndesigns.blogspot.com-

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You Can’t Be Blue in White: The White Dress Rule!

White dress

Finally pure summer bliss has set in, and you will see it: The White Dress is everywhere! Weeks of perturbing drizzles alternating with
torrential rains, have finally receded and acquiesed to lazy sunshine. Nothing signals summer like the turqoise sky and a sidewalk full of women wearing white. White jeans, with denim shirts look cool and crisp, and all of the permutations of the white dress are noted and welcomed: lacey, gauzy, crisp, embroidered, pintucked, and hemstitched… all so pretty and fresh. I have seen so much white on the runway and in the stores, and have added some of my Pinterest favs of white dresses, so i can share them with you!
Yesterday I wore a crisp poplin shirtdress with just enough pleats to give it an edge. It    was was thrifted for $12.00:                                     white dress 2013

I wore this with a lustrous white strand of baroque pearls, and a great straw fedora hat that I found  at a street fair in my neighborhood: The ballet flats are from Payless, and the bag is Lancel, a French company, that did a bag that looks just like Hermes Bolide! I love tobacco with white; it adds some richness to an otherwise austere look.

ballet flats with capped toe
Here is a pic of my baroque pearls. I love that they are irregular in shape, they feel less dressy, in that way. They are large though, so somewhat fall into the statement necklace, LOL!:statement necklace- pearls

Here I am, happy in my white dress, tipping my hat to summer:white dress

Hope You are enjoying Summer!
XX, Elle

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The $68,000 Dress. The $68,000 Dress?????

YSL Designer Slimane made headline news with his $68,000 dress that resembles a school girl’s frock, and dare i say it- something from Forever21? The ad campaign features Model Cara Delevinge.  BTW, the Yves has been dropped, so the Saint Laurent collection is now stripped down and downtown bare. Opps  I meant chic. Or did I?  I am waiting for the SNL skit to come out, and I want to hear REALLY? repeated like a stoner’s mantra, over and over again, when it comes to the this $68,000 dress, which has no elaborate craftsmanship, or precious metals woven into the threads…

Here is the photo ( New York Post) of Cara D wearing the SL frock:

68,000 dress   mydailycsotume.com

So if you are in the market for a $68,000 dress, I have some alternatives. First is this dress from Asos.com:peter pan collar dress, not $68,000

It is priced at $25.46 and comes with this lovely land in Costa Rica and a silver convertible, with money left to splurge at Bergdorf Goodman:land in costa Roca

silver convertible

Option Number two, for the $68,000 dress:
peter pan collar dress, not  $68,000

This is Kate Young for Target and is priced at $49.95. It comes with a 2006 Mercedes{ $19.888} from mbofbrooklyn.com and these gorgeous pieces from  http://www.jewelsdujour.com/


Option 2 for the $68,000 dress, also gives you $29,912.50 of spending cash for, say, a year of college, or some cash towards a home… trivial things like these.. This is in addition to the Mercedes convertible, the jaw-dropping jewels, and the frock.
Option number 3 for the $68,000 dress is this fetching number from AliExpress.com, priced at $19.60 :New-arrival-2012-dress-fresh-goldenbarr-vintage-print-contrast-color-peter-pan-collar-dress-women-with
it also comes with this lovely 44 foot sailboat from Sailboat.com:
This option, sailboat and dress , gives you about $38,000 left over to spend on sundries like rent, and health care.
Okay, I think I have made my point. Chances of MY buying a dress from Saint Laurent’s Slimane. Slim to anorexic.
P.S. Check out my Pinterest Board for this post. It is called MocK tHe fRoCk!

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{Flowering Blossoms} meets {Asian Zen}

Hello Lovelies! Today i am going to focus on the Asian Floral trend that has taken both Apparel and Home Decor by storm. It is an “Asian Fusion” of blossom and  color- featuring branches and blossoms in their homey embrace- livened by bold colors of cherry red , teal and mustard, and of course delft blue!  Florals have more flair with a bit of Eastern verve! This collage showcases Etro’s designs for 2013.

Other notable, and less expensive ways to incorpoate this trend into your wardrobe;

From H&M:
Summer 2013

LOve these “exploded” asain floral lounging pants( $48.00) from Anthropologie:
anthropologie pants, asian florals- mydailycostume.com

This delft blue print from coco-fashion.com is a bargain at $12.00!:
delft blue print dress

These print pumps have kick, and are priced at $52.00 from pinupgirlclothing.com:asian floral pumps! mydailycostume.com post on Asain florals

Care to wear your Asian floral as a vibrant underpinning? Check this out from Anthropologie, designed by Nanette Lepore, and priced at $86.00:Asian floral bra

Add a stripe to this floral for East-West vibrance. Tee $49.50 from J. Crew:
floral-stripe tee

This trend is pervasive in home decor. Note this fab settee from Elle Decor:asain floral sette, Mydailycostume. asian floral post

Don’t you just want to have a seat and sip some sake? ( image from telegraph.co.UK):sake and blossom; mydailycostume.com

I know I do!:asain dress, Elle. mydailycostume.com

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HELLO LOVELIES! I want to share a story of how i purchased my first authentic Hermes bag. I hope it offers you some inspiration and perhaps a tip or two..


First the story of my first authentic Hermes bag purchase. I was quite ill 9 years ago, and in between frustrating appointments with doctors and doing some online medical research, i knew i needed a pick me up…and a MAJOR one at that!  I coveted, of course, a birkin but  thought that the it would be impractical without the strap, so i set my sites on a Kelly,  and then I did the shopping; eBay, consignment stores, Portero…and nothing  was in my price range. As I continued to research, I found alot of Hermes bags that  I was unaware of, and many of them spoke to me. These were not the iconic Birkin and Kelly and therefore were less recognizable, but these became increasingly more interesting to me. The Bolide and the Plume became favorites,… but still out of my price rage.  AND I WAS IN LOVE with the Macpherson bag which is the Bolide with an added “trunk” for jewelry…. Still, all of these were way too pricey. Below a pic of the Macpherson an authentic Hermes bag from Portero that is  available now.


 The Macpherson is $11,000.00 . Portero only sells authentic bags, and has a good selection of authentic Hermes bags.

Needless to say eBay and I were very good friends. ( we still are!) I somehow birthed an inspiration… Maybe I should try ebay France… certainly the country that produces them, lovingly by hand. may have a better selection. My hunch was good. I found a much better variety of bags and the prices were better.. Some models were only made for the European market and this appealed to me too. I should say that the dollar and the euro were roughly equal at this time, if memory serves..and it may not…

So in my searching for an authentic Hermes bag, i came across two bags in box calf, the most coveted skin by those in the know because it can be completely refurbished. It was the same model, one in blue fonce and one in marron.  I found and purchased  the blue one  and I treasure it to this day, and it  has appreciated nicely, i should add… It is the one pictured below, and i bought it for $800.00, in excellent ( near pristine) vintage condition.

My photo does not do it justice, but here goes:

vintage authenic Hermes bag

Now this was no easy task, mind you, buying on eBay France. The seller’s conditions were that sales were only to be in France and Europe, and the listing was in French, which i have never studied. I did quickly learn that sac a main was French for handbag!  Sooo I used google translate and asked very nicely, in French, if he-she would consider selling to me, that i had an excellent feedback profile ( !00%), and that i was set up with Paypal that would pay instantly for the bag and take care of the currency issues. The seller agreed!

Ten days later it arrived at my doorstep, and i was thrilled to see it: it was better than pictured and the size was just right, taller than a Birkin or Kelly, more tote like, but a rather refined tote, no? I whisked myself back to google translate and left the seller a personal thank you and proceeded to leave glowing feedback.

Does the happy news end there? NO!. I decided i would have the bag buffed a bit so i took it to Hermes in Manhattan, and the man in charge of restoration looked dubious. My heart sank, I was sure this was the real deal! BY the way— this s a good tip- so listen up!- Hermes will not authenticate bags, but they will ONLY work on bags that are genuine, so if they take your bag in for repair or refurbishing, you know it is an authenic Hermes bag.

A brief conference ensued between sales people, and then heads were nodding all around. It was Authentic, but it was vintage, and it was one of the bags only produced for Europe, so only one of the Hermes staff knew it, as he had worked in the Paris store for a time. So  a gentleman promptly wrote me up a ticket for refurbishing, which i still keep to verify its authenticity. Happy me.

Now before i published this post, i went to eBay France to see if anything has changed. It seems there is still a better selection, especially of the lesser known models. However the euro-dollar relationship has changed, and not in our favor. I still think it is a good way to go if you have the patience to learn a bit of French, the selection is very good. When i was looking this morning….I found my bag. Well, almost, it is smaller and has a strap, but the same model and color, and here it is for $3500.00 EUR  but one can make an offer. Please know that is about $4641.00 UDS.


 My bag looks just like this, but without the strap. Mine was $800.00! Yay!

I also made a nice profit on a vintage Kelly in lizard, and that tale is told in my first post  “Flipping up for Hermes”. I do realize that these bags are incredibly expensive. And one must be aware of counterfeits. Let me say this though; if you buy a bag for say, $1500.00 and then sell it for $3000.00, you were actually PAID to carry that bag. The Authentic Hermes Bag: Seem less expensive now?

Closing with a pic of my favorite all time bag. Now THIS is frightfully expensive, but i could not post about Hermes bags and leave it out. This photo is of a shiny crocodile Kelly. (32mm). photo from Pinterest: I believe it runs about $26,000. Gulp. Gush. Swoon.


Happy Monday !




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{Sweet Charity} meets {Pretty Little Eyelet}

Hello Lovelies!  My newest purchase is from Tradesy who is sponsoring a wonderful charity called Coachart.org by selling clothing items from celebrities and donating  all of the proceeds. I bought  a pretty little eyelet blouse from them, worn once by Melissa Sagemiller. She is pictured below, and is best known for her work in Law and order. What a face! tradeseygives2 Coachart.org sponsors mentors who work with chronically ill children, engaging them in artistic and athletic activities that help keep them focused on positive things, helps prevent social isolation, and improves self esteem. It is a wonderful charity and i hope you will take some time to research and and perhaps do what i have done.. and purchase something from Tradesy from this program. It is a win-win! From the closet of Melissa Sagemiller, I bought an eyelet blouse in indigo, by Cynthia Rowley. It is pictured below:



Participating celebs include Tori Spelling, Emily Deschanel, Julie Brown, Patti Sanger, and Ali Fedotowsy.

Now some of my pics for the sweet eyelet trend:

From Forever 21, eyelet georgette blouse- $19.80


From Last call by Nieman Marcus, this dress is $41.40… a great buy!: LCT69X6_mx

Also from Forever21 is this cute eyelet blouse, priced at $22.80: 38624898-02

The following images are from Piperlime, and i think they do an superlative job of making this trend wearable, and interesting:

The red skinnies add a bold look that plays well with the sweet eyelet. This blouse is $52.99.

The above shell is $69.00. Below are darling shorts for $59.00. I love these in black!:

This eyelet dress is $378.00 :

I love these suede eyelet boots from Tradesy:sofft-lace-eyelet-suede-boot-mauve-grey-boots-168207-1
Enjoy shopping for an eyelet piece that you will love to wear. Better yet, rediscover the one you already own, and update it with bold colors, chambray or denim, or a leather piece ( skirt, vest, or jacket) to give it more edge.  Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!


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{Collecting Jewels: Chiefly Rubies} , as described by THE GREAT GATSBY

{Collecting Jewels: chiefly rubies}…. How i love that quote! Hello ! I finally got to see The Great Gatsby!   I had come prepared with fairly low expectations because of the reviews, and certainly the production was over the top—-but, what a fabulous spectacle and visual feast. I so enjoyed it!  Because I  LOVE  jewelry, the above  quote sang to me, and I hope it makes an entertaining post about the magical red stone called Ruby.


Rubies can actually be though of as red sapphires. Did you know that?  In the US,  the stone has to be a certain shade and saturation to be called ruby; if it is too pale, for instance,  then it would be a “pink sapphire”.  I will spare you the boring fact that it is a mineral known as corundum, and it  is red  color is due to the presence of chromium. OOPs, i lied, and sneaked that in . The most prized rubies are “pidgeon blood” red, which perhaps you can visualize all too well.

In the film, Jay  Gatbsy, known by the larger-than -life title of   “The Great Gatsby”,  sought to purchase the ultimate luxurious lifestyle, in order to impress his beloved Daisy, an effervescent woman of “old money” status. This  staggering collection of accroutrements was really nothing more than a stageset, a way to compensate for his own  meager beginnings.  But what a sight to behold on the large silver screen!

In the spirit of the ardent collecting of jewels , { Collecting Jewels, chiefly rubies}  I am including some photos of some outstanding ruby jewelry:

                   From JewelsduJour.com whose Pinterest collection you must follow:


From Idiva.com., these striking ruby and diamond earrings shown also in the opening collage:

From cn.worldmart.com this dazzling ruby and diamond ring:

One can not post about rubies and not include photos of Elizabeth Taylor’s unsurpassed collection of jewels.
This necklace from Cartier fetched 37 million at auction.  Need i say more? From Businessinsider.com:a-ruby-and-diamond-necklace-by-cartier-sold-for-37-million-its-estimated-value-was-200000-to-300000

A wonderful Collage put together by another follow blogger: www.Breakfastatthree.blogspot.com:

Go to their website and check it out in its larger size!

Closing with a pic of a glorious rubellite ( tourmaline), ruby, and diamond ring. ( pic from Pintrest, and collage by me) .  OH, to sport that on your finger!:


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Memorial Day Weekend: Weekend Washout!

The weathermen finally got it right!
A gloomy and wet Memorial Day weekend was predicted, but I packed with  a sense of denial that had been bolstered by so many past mistakes in weather forecasting.

It is automatic. A few days before Memorial Day weekend, I dive into my closets and drawers, and fish out assorted summer sundries and cool things to wear. This is the mental image I had in my head as I layered my swimming suit on top of my beach towel and cropped jeans:


Finally, I click the latches of my suitcase close with a satisfying snap, and do a mental tally, making sure than nothing of importance has been left out. I am happily standing in the lobby of my co-op waiting for my hubby to pull the car around.
waiting for car- Memorial day weekend, Louis Vuitton luggage

We arrive Thursday, the traffic was pretty light and I am optimistic about the long weekend ahead.
This is what i packed ( or a reasonable fascimile thereof– yeah, that one..)
what i packed, dolce and gabbana sunglasses, gap capri jeans

The next morning I wake up to a dark, angry sky and powerful winds.  As I  sipped some Golden Pear coffee to try to nudge awake my sleepy brain, my husband slid past me and stared out the window. “What is that shadow in the pool?”, he asked. “Oh shit!”, was my lovely, charm school retort. ” That is our grill.”
So the rotten weekend had officially started, sheets of rain pelting us everywhere we went. Forget what i packed. I looked forlonly at the dresser drawers knowing  that the summery items would not be worn for a while..  Instead, this is what i wore:

totes umbrella, prada leather boots No worries or regrets though. It is nice when the family is together, whatever the weather. I was kept warm with thrifted finds and “on sale” items. From the above collage: J.Crew cashmere vest and Burberry hat , both $5.00. Cabled cardigan and cashmere striped bought at Off Saks for under $40.00 each. Wool and cashmere houndstooth Blazer, Made in France, thrifted for $8, (yes eight!) dollars! Handbag from France with gold hardware, $30.00, also thrifted! The sun managed to come out and by Monday the sky was brilliant. Hubby and i went for a walk near the bay, and here I am:


Eyelet skirt- Boscov’s children, Stripe tee, H and M children’s, thrifted for $4.00, sunglasses Dolce and Gabbana.

Credits: Girl with beach ball, top photo collage, cropped from Dorothy Perkins online ad.  Sunshine through the tree branches: Mother Nature.

Now for a new grill!
I hope you had a great weekend.

I love feedback! I respond to all remarks and replies, just click the cirlce near the title, and leave your comment!



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peaches AND cream; forever AND thrifted

Happy Soggy Holiday Weekend! Despite the gloomy weather, i am posting in Peaches and Cream:

morganite necklace

Today,  as I went out to  run last  minute errands in preparation for the long weekend,  and in advance of a nice dinner afterwards, I wore this:
forever 21 lace skirt

peach forever 21 skirt, thrifted jacket with studs

The nude-peach lace skirt is from Forever 21, purchased in 2009 for $23.00. To add a bit of contrast, the jacket is moire taffeta, which would be dressy except for its boxy shape and organza covered studs. Thrifted in Long Island for $12.00! Quilted leather stachel was also thrifted for $12.00 in a Westchester County thrift store that helps fund Cancer Research. Peach and ivory are two “barely there” colors, so in order to create an interesting look, I add textures to add some nuance. The skirt is made up of 16 panels of lace and it is nicely lined. The jacket has alot going on with the gossamer covered studs, which read “texture” and not “hardware”, which really is more appropriate at my age ( 55) . As well, the boxy shape contrasts nicely with the fitted pencil skirt. The large Black tote also keeps the outfit from looking too precious, and i love wearing it with the handle twisted like a bracelet. The shoes are an eBay find, and are genuine crocodile from Italy. 

A closeup of the jacket:

crop jacket with studs Other lovely confections in peaches in cream:


rose gold and morganite earringspeach smoothe

(Photo credits for above 3 images: picstopin.com, Naderkash.com, and cookinglight.com)


Dress sketch in photo collage, credit to: AnacortesSketches.com


Below images: peaches and cream cupcakes from Flicker.com, morganite necklace in rose gold from Ifcapri.com

                                                         WHICH IS MORE DELICIOUS????  




                                                                    CAN I HAVE BOTH PLEASE???



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At Home in Digital Prints: Choose a print you can live in!

The spring /summer season of trends are upon us, and foremost amongst  them is a plethora of delicious patterns. We can chose tribal, geometric, photo-realistic, digital prints, abstract, black and white, houndstooth, and mirror prints. Florals are back and toile is too, but this year it is called delft, and i may do a separate post on that. This abundance of choices is a good thing, if a bit overwhelming: so my advice is to try each on with an open mind, and keep in mind your body shape and skin coloring. If you choose a bold print, keep your accessories on the quieter side. There are no rules to this, in my mind, with this exception: the MIRROR rules! The other rule is to have fun with this trend!

I am wearing an eBay dress, pictured above, that was $96.00, and is a combo of abstract and digital. The flash made the colors bolder, it is softer in true light. The label was cut out, so i do not know the designer. I actually do not love the abstract pattern on the sleeves, so i opt for a Marni cardi in peachy pink to layer over. I do love the digital print, and the layered combo is gorgeous. The Marni sweater came from Michael’s consignment shop in Manahttan, and was about $90.00. I would have worn it in this photo, but i was having a hot flash!!  Forgive a girl a power surge.! I am wearng a sapphire and pearl necklace that i made years ago, and it has been pictured in a previous post. I am seated waiting for friends to arrive for cocktails…

There are so many print to choose from, but i selected a few that run the gamit and cover most trends. The first two are from LastCall by Neiman Marcus:
The first is Rachel Roy, pictured left, and is priced at $265.00. The other fab mini ( oh to be 22 again..) is Free People, pictured right, and is reduced to $54.45.

The next two photos are from Zulilly.com.
The dress pictured left is $44.00, and to its right, the white dress is $59.99. These sell quickly. Do check out this flash sale site, it has great prices, and a wonderful selection.
The following dresses are from DorothyPerkins, US which is having a %20 off sale!

The prices for these are $44.00 and $59.00, less the 20 off!  The houndstooth pumps are from Clothesminded @Amazon.com. They are the “Nicki” shoe and are priced at 26.95.

Next is a great print shoe that adds some height and is not overpowering. It is priced at $49.00 less 20%, and is also from DorothyPerkinsUS.

Also from DorothyPerkins is a hot  digital print dress for a cool $75.00.


I also must mention vintage dresses. Prints from the seventies are such fun. Here is an outstanding Lanvin  dress from that decade:
This dress is from Thrifted and Modern via 1stdibs.com This is an excellent source for well edited vintage. It is priced at $300.00.
Next is a pop-art print from the 70s. It is from Timeless Vixen, via 1stdibs.com and is $420.00:XXX_309_1337954554_1-01

Now, back to spring of 2013, here i am wearing another eBay find, with my Forever 21 blouse, and Mark Cross bageljewdress
This photo was done in a studio, ( i dont look like that i real life, sad to say..) The studio is Inner Lite in Manhattan and they are great.


The weather has gotten nippy again! Just yesterday I was out, walking outside and hiking a bit. I was even in a canoe! Note, i said IN a canoe, as in ” I stepped in a canoe for a photo.” Sportsperson I am not… So here i am with my hubby’s sunnies on, wearing no pattern at all, and no make-up:

I hope I have inspired you to add some prints to your wardrobe. Do not forget to revisit the ones you already own!  I am thinking of that vintage Pucci or that awesome op-art print from the 70s.

Have a great week!


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A GREAT GATSBY “Flapper Party”: What I Would Wear!

Flapper Party? With The Great Gatsby on my mind…or should i say Daisy? I would wear this:

Ivory velvet cloche hat, $350.00 dollars- Patricia Jon Spreekelsen, 1st dibs. Celluloid bracelet; photo from greatartcontemporarydesign.blogspot.com. Exquisite beaded bag with jeweled frame, $995.00 from DecoDame.
Thakoon mirroed shoes, net-a-porter.
Gold, beaded collar, etsy. Brocade gown, $1200, Hilary Musser Fashion Design/ 1stdibs.
Gold Patterned backround also from greatartcontemporarydesign.blogspot.com.

This is what i would wear to a Flapper party!

Now how much fun would that be?
Happy Mother’s Day, and All That Jazz.


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Fat Wallet, Thin Wallet: “Almost Summer” Fashion Picks

This season presents us with an almost alarming number of style options, and it can be easy to overspend! Today I will focus on prints, and I will break down my selections into three budget classifications: ( yes, i had a bit of fun with these!)

Fat Wallet: inherited wealth, invested wisely, invested luckily, married to the mob,  married to hedge fund manager, successful hedge fund manager in your own right, invented a wildly popular app, found a rare blue diamond in your shoe and was about to throw it out when your grand niece said ,” NO! Shiney!”, So you gave it a second glance and had it appraised….

Thin Wallet: student loans to pay off, staggering medical bills looming, bought your “property” at the high-oops-, high city rent bites your budget, you had a job, and now it is gone, you bought a boat and it sank like  a stone…..

Everybody likes a Bargain: You have means, but you hold on to the dollars and squeeze, sqeeze, sqeeze. The Dow is down, or it is up, but  it flies in the face of common sense, and you put yourself on allowance.  You have an inherited tendency to save for a rainy day. The forecasters do nothing but predict rain….

Okay, now that we have got those descriptions out of the way. Here are my  summer fashion picks for all three.



The above items are all from Tradesy: The straw platforms are from Stuart Weitzman and are $114.50. The Cappelli hat is $25.50, and will protect your lovely face- in style. The pink dress is $25.50 ( dress barn). The halter dress, pictured right, is $37.00. It is easy to get beach ready for few dollars, if you know where to look!



The green tunic is suede with crocodile trim. It is Gucci and is priced at $3500.00. The matching shorts, also in lime suede can by yours for a mere $1250. The Marchak gem-set dome ring is from Betteridge, via istdibs, and is sold out. I just located it yesterday–now that should tell you something about our economy—so i apologize, i do not know the price, but it is gorgeous! The Etro sandals are also from 1stdibs- the seller is Exquisite Finds, and these are priced at $695.00. The picture is from Chanel, as is the beach towel and matching bag, -price upon request.

All of the above selections are from Last Call by Neiman Marcus.
The dress, top left is Free People, and is reduced to $119.00.
The long , printed beauty is J.Mendel ( A personal favorite!) and is reduced to $1180.25 ( from $4,850.00) The shimmering gold necklace is Deepa Gurmani, reduced to $150.50. The rhinestone studded pumps are $69.90. Perfect for a fabulous summer party.

I will get to more casual clothing soon. Right after Gatsby Fever – promise.

SO, anyway…. I am back in East Hampton for a quiet Mother’s Day ( thank you Hallmark, for ensuring that i get flowers and chocolate once a year, because REALLY, HOW would i function without that particular bonus? ) Hmmm.

A closing snap from the dock at Sag Harbor:


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Great Gatsby Fever! Tylenol, Please!


Hello readers!
I am sure I am not alone in feeling somewhat inundated with Great Gatsby movie posters and Gatsby tie-ins at many retail outlets. I can’t say that I am complaining, however, as the posters are spectacular and promise a visually beautiful film, if nothing else. ( and i do think it will provide some ELSE, too!) We can be certain than Catherine Martin has outdone herself with the costumes.

I was walking by Brooks Brothers in my neighborhood and noticed the windows emblazoned with distinctive gilded intials, and geometic borders that seemed synonomous with the Great Gatsby film and the Art Deco era, and later read that F. Scott Fitzgerald was once a customer! Now that is a retailer with history.
A photo of the window from shophound.typepad.com:



Here are some “jazzy” picks of flapper fashion currently available at my usual, hmmm… shall we say “comprehensive” group of retailers.. ( etsy to 1stdibs- I do like to present a wide arrange of price options!)

from top left : cloche hat from BkmHattitude-Etsy, priced at $26.00.
brooch from Pat Sailing/ New York-1stdibs, ( priced upon request) Black “House of Worth” dress from Marilyn Glass-1stdibs, price available on request, Purple dress from Tradesy- $36.49, pink dress from eBay, made by Adrianna Papelle, is currently going for $18.50.
Bottom left: tulle beaded beauty from Torso/1stdibs, price on request, sequinned Mr.Blackwell “flapper” dress from the 1960′s from 1stdibs, priced at $975.00. The great flapper footwear comes from crazycheapcostumes.com and go for $62.34.

Another group of picks is for a Jazzy girl who has, say, rent to pay?
The prices are SWEET, SWEET,SWEET!:


The gold and black sequinned dress is from eBay and is $23.13. The middle dress is from Tradsey and is $70.50. The designer is Sue Wong.  The last dress is from eBay also, by Jessica Howard and is priced at $37.99. The “geo stack rings” are featured twice; from Forever 21, they are $5.80. Lets see, can you buy a latte for that amount?


Look for other retailers jumping on the “Great Gatsy” bandwagon. Specifically, check out Tiffany. It is a great excuse, NO?


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Chic Shades For All!


 HELLO READERS!  Don’t we love our sunglasses!

Not only do they provide instant chic, they protect our eyes from damage. According to Mayo Clinic, we should choose sunnies that block 99 to 100-% of both UVA and UVB rays. If we do this, this helps protect our cornea, lenses, and helps prevent cataracts. This year eyewear designers have lavished us with some great new choices. Aviator glasses are still a good choice, but the newer design feature oversized lenses ( better to protect your eyes), updated cat’s eyes looks, geometic shapes, and decorated shades that will make any girl smile when the sun shines full tilt.

Leave it to Ralph Lauren to craft a perfect pair of oversized wraparounds!


and I just love these aviators : Rachel Bilson for Sunglass Hut:


There are a wide array of designs and an equally wide array of prices.
Seen above, in the opening collage, is a pair of vintage James Dean “Shady Character” sunglases from Alan HSU- 1stdibs, priced at $550.00. The cool vintage Lorghette in cat’s eye is also 1st dibs, and is priced at $225.00 by Vintage a la Mode.
Below: IF you are set on aviators, and don’t mind splurging, try these classic from Cartier with gold screws. These are from 1stdibs and are priced at $600.00 from seller “A Second Chance Couture”.  A less expensive option for aviators are these from Tom Ford ( eBay, $119.95)










Below, and also from 1stdibs: a Gucci horsebit pair that i love from the 70s,and priced at $325.00 from Amacord-1st dibs, and an outrageous pair of decocrated butterfly shades from Vintage Couture Museum- 1st dibs -priced at a cool $100.00.








Below are retro sunnies with a cool green cast, and are from Nifty Thrifty . From the sixties,  these cat’s eyes are $55.00


Have your heart set on PUCCI? –From eBay:



                                                 Both pairs priced at $69.00, each.

Decorated and dramatic, these are from Prada, via Pinterest:146412


Are freshwater pearls a must-have for your sunglasses?
Check these  Ebay at $599.00. They are Chanel, of course.


Want  the look, but your wallet is feeling stingy? Try these from GirlPROPS/Amazon.com. They are $49.99. They will definitely make you smile, or laugh out loud! Seriously, if you wear these you also have to be standing outside eating a Ben and Jerry’s “chocolate therapy” ice cream cone, with rainbow sprinkles, that is how much FUN these are. Or maybe it is just me?


Okay, Its just me…



Back to reality: these sunglasses from eBay, above, are great looking and are priced at $9.95!


                             Closing with a pic of my darling neighbors in their sunnies:morchromatic

SO don’t forget to wear your shades!